Suppliers know the value of staying current with Walmart’s latest in methods, reports and systems, and 8th & Walton classes have helped thousands become better partners with Walmart. Read the reviews from our students.

I really enjoyed the training, and Lori did an outstanding job. She is very knowledgeable.

- Christina - 7/20/21 Sales Director

Retail Link® Training Suite (US)

The course was great. Very helpful and well executed by Lori.

- Corey - 7/20/21 Sales Director

Retail Link® Training Suite (US)

The classes were wonderful! Extremely helpful and well worth it. I look forward to next week's classes. Thank y'all for the help!

- Kristin - 7/21/21 Business Analyst

Retail Link® 2: Decision Support (DSS) – US

Our class with Lori was great. She was able to walk us through the DSS module and the valuable reports that we can create. Her ‘recipe guides’ are very helpful

- Karyn - 7/21/21 Data Coordinator

Retail Link® 2: Decision Support (DSS) – US

Lori is a great trainer. She was patient and thorough. I signed up for this training because I did not feel confident in a system of which I am supposed to be an expert user, and came out feeling very confident with a lot of new ideas on how I can improve company understanding and practices of Walmart data reporting. Well worth it, Thank you!

- Hannah - 7/22/21 Sr. Sales Analyst

Retail Link® 3: Advanced Decision Support (DSS) – US

Learned a lot... class was at a good pace.... very informative. Teacher was excellent...

- Nadine - 6/8/21 Dropship Coordinator

Retail Link® Training Suite (US)

Very helpful! A must to be successful with Retail Link.

- Stacee - 6/8/21 Account Executive

Retail Link® Training Suite (US)

Very informative! I learned a lot and now I know several reports that I can run weekly.

- Deborah - 3/10/21 Accounting

Retail Link® 2: Decision Support (DSS) – US

Lori was very nice and informative. She kept the class interesting.

- Crystal - 3/10/21 Business Analyst

Retail Link® 2: Decision Support (DSS) – US

It was great. Terry was the best. Had quite a few takeaways that I can implement immediately and have a better understanding of the process.

- Pat - 7/20/21 Walmart Specialist

SQEP Seminar: What You Need to Know (US)

The class was GREAT! Terry was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information with us. He is definitely on our radar for future training.

- Pam - 7/19/21 Senior E-Commerce Specialist

Learn NOVA Now

My class with Joel was great!! A lot of information / tools that I was not aware of. Much appreciated."

- Lissa - 6/22/21 Customer Care

Supply Chain 1: How to Navigate Walmart’s Supply Chain (US)

Seminar was excellent. Very informative.

- Cindi - 2/7/21 Senior Account Manager

SQEP Seminar: What You Need to Know (US)

Lori was AWESOME! Needless to say training went GREAT! I learned a lot. Being new with (company’s) Customer Service Team, this training is exactly what I needed.

- Lisa - 7/23/20 Customer Service Representative


The classes were great, very informative.

- Paula - 7/14/21 Site Manager, E-Commerce

Item 360 Training Suite (US)

I got some very useful details from the class. I love learning and have done quite a bit of training with 8th & Walton over the years although it's been a while. I am getting ready to hire a new sales support person, so I will definitely have her sign up for this program. I thought the 1st session was FABULOUS in explaining GTINS and hierarchies and would be very helpful for a new person not familiar with those concepts.

- Rachel - 5/18/21 Director of Sales Operations

Item 360 Training Suite (US)

The class was informative and I learned quite a bit. Would recommend.

- Sean - 4/27/21 Student

Item 360 Training Suite (US)

I wanted to reach out and thank you for such a great class last week; it was truly very beneficial.

- Matt - 2/23/21 Account Manager

Item 360 Training Suite (US)

It was a long day but I think necessary. Heather is a very good instructor. I am a demanding student. Heather met all my expectations. The class was very well organized, the material was what I needed and the instructor was great. Highly recommended.

- Tom - 4/13/21 CFO

Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions (US)

I really learned a lot today and am excited to start making better use of the tools that I already have.

- Maru - 4/13/21 Staff Accountant

Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions (US)

Learned very helpful info that will help in deduction disputes and receiving more timely payment.

- Ashely - 3/4/21 Sr. Analyst

Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions (US)

Heather was amazing and shared quite a few interesting points on best business practices. I changed my role from Sales Analyst to Deductions Analyst. Although I had 5 years behind me on the Walmart Sales end, I had no training on the Accounting end which prompted me to take the course. I found it very helpful on the Accounting end. For the most part, I already knew topics in the presentation, but it was good to fill in some of the blanks and grey areas I had questions on.

- Geraldine - 9/3/20 Deductions Analyst

Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions (Canada)