If you need more specific guidance than the planned curriculum a class offers, 8th & Walton will provide customized assistance — developed expressly for your company or your individual team members.


Talk With an Expert

Areas of Help

In addition to our classes, we offer both custom training and Walmart consulting services. With our custom training, we will develop a customized curriculum for one person or for your entire team. With our Walmart consulting, we will provide one-on-one time with an expert as well as full-service assistance from our team of consultants.

Our Walmart consultants will help you in specific areas such as these:


    We will address any challenge, including deductions, vendor agreements, purchase orders.
    We can guide you through data analysis or teach you methods to expand your skills quickly.
    Allow us to teach you, guide you as you learn and practice, or do this work for you.
    Our staff of Walmart consultants will get this correct from the start and save you time and frustration.
    Focus on your product while we focus on the details to get you up and running with Walmart.
  • OTIF and SQEP
    Experts who helped build Walmart’s supply chain system and are current with today’s Walmart requirements for supply chain are standing by to help.
    With our help, you can develop your private brand more quickly and without set-backs.
    Our consultants with deep and broad subject knowledge will make sense of it all for you.
    Get answers about using this amazing resource so you can work quickly and with confidence.
    We have staff with a rich understanding of the warehouse club model and all its aspects.
    Optimize your opportunities and minimize your problems from packaging to shelf.
    Let us do this for you while you put the time you save to better use.


Our session last week with Terry Clear was EXCELLENT! He really helped us figure out what we need to be doing in NOVA.

Michelle- Customer Service Manager – 7/21




Joel and team have been extremely helpful in walking us through our first months of preparing to ship to Walmart. We avoided some major challenges because of their insights and direction, and they did a great job preparing us to stand on our own two feet. At this point, we may not be experts, but we feel much more confident in our understanding of Walmart requirements, our ability to know where to look when issues arise and what to look for.

Vince – Sourcing and Supply Chain – 7/21




So thankful for educating us on everything. We were struggling with so much, and now we’re moving forward with a clearer vision. Thank you for the excellent service!!!

Angela- 3/21