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Your journey with Walmart begins at 8th & Walton.

Our mission is to help responsible suppliers become better partners with Walmart so that more people have access to healthy, affordable, sustainable products.

Our PathFinders service and Walmart training classes will help you become a better partner with the world’s most influential retailer.

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Expert guidance for leaders who want to successfully navigate and win with Walmart.

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Education for team members who want to develop Walmart subject matter expertise.

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What our Clients and Students Say

It's been a pleasure and saving grace working with 8th & Walton. As new suppliers to Walmart, there was a steep learning curve in understanding and navigating the myriad of systems, Walmart jargon, and overall framework of doing business. We've already received glowing feedback from our replenishment and buying teams.

Luna Magic

Actually walking through the reporting step by step and doing it myself helped reinforce the tools available for what I need. The instructor was very patient and easy to talk to and ask questions.

Accounting Student

It's so refreshing to have someone working so hard on our business. The 8th & Walton team is an extension of our own; we are grateful for their partnership.

Ocean's Halo

I liked the atmosphere of the class. It was filled with real-life examples that I understood, which was important to me because this job is my first experience in the Logistics & Operations team.

Retail Link Student

8th & Walton helped us maximize our Walmart business by providing the latest on Walmart priorities and initiatives, as well as best practices, insights, and strategies for building a collaborative relationship with our buyers. They were especially helpful in growing our eCommerce business with Walmart and improving our Seasonal Replenishment efforts.


The class was great!! I knew just enough to be a menace before I started the class. The instructor was patient and really helped put things in order so that I could follow the logic of it all! I can’t wait to use what he taught me!

Item 360 Student

Attention small and mid-sized suppliers to Walmart and those planning to be! I just had a great conversation with 8th & Walton, and they can definitely help you be more profitable in your Walmart business. Experts on anything from Replenishment to OTIF and Retail Link. I’ve worked at Walmart and been a supplier to Walmart and know it can be a steep learning curve.

O5 Apparel

The class was excellent and worth every penny. I’ve already had two meetings with my supply and customer care teams to implement improvements identified during the class. I love that the concepts were explained simply and the next steps for action were so obvious and clear.

Supply Chain Student

We show up like experts in front of Walmart because of what 8th & Walton does for us.

Leprino Foods

So thankful for educating us on everything. We were struggling with so much, and now we’re moving forward with a clearer vision. Thank you for the excellent service!!!

We will grow our sales by 25% as a direct result of 8th & Walton's data analytics and storytelling.

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Why We Do What We Do

Every day, our team works tirelessly to help the thousands of small and medium Walmart suppliers make the most of this critical customer relationship. And since there are no small numbers when working with Walmart, we know our work has a big impact.

Our team has collectively spent hundreds of years developing deep expertise in all aspects of supplying to Walmart. Today, we all take great inspiration from using this knowledge to help good people and good businesses deliver products that help customers save money and lead better lives, all while having a more positive impact on the environment.

As a certified B Corp, we believe business can exist as a force for good in the world.

Our Impact

We strive to be the hub for Walmart supplier guidance, education, and communication.

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