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We believe that supplier teams of all sizes, all over the world are hungry for knowledge that can enhance their ability to analyze, manage, and grow their business with Walmart and Sam's Club. With over 100 years of combined Walmart supplier experience, our best-in-class instructors have made 8th & Walton the gold standard for Walmart supplier education. Classroom training is available on an ongoing basis in Bentonville, Online, and throughout the country... Read More


Tanya LewisPresident & CEO

"If you are new to a supplier team or presenting to Walmart for the first time, there is no better resource to enable you to do business better in Bentonville."


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MABD - Must Arrive by Date MABD may sound simple and straightforward, as though Walmart were just saying, ...

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23 hours ago

Walmart News Now

  Asda is once again the #2 grocery store in the United Kingdom. According to MarketWatch's article, ...

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Walmart News Now

  The City Wire reports that sales tax revenue in Northwest Arkansas has risen more than 8 percent o ...

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