When Walmart says “YES,” the work begins! Download our checklist so you won’t miss a step.

Download Your Free New Supplier Checklist

The New Supplier Checklist gives you all the information you need to become a successful Walmart supplier — from preparing to apply to staying on the shelf and growing.
This checklist will help you identify:


  • How to prepare and accept the merchandise agreement
  • The essential tools you should set up ASAP
  • Actions to take to prepare your team to produce and ship
  • And more!


See what new suppliers to Walmart say about 8th & Walton!


“The 8th & Walton team has been extremely helpful in walking us through our first months of preparing to ship to Walmart. We avoided some major challenges because of their insights and direction, and they did a great job preparing us to stand on our own two feet. At this point, we may not be experts, but we feel much more confident in our understanding of Walmart requirements, our ability to know where to look when issues arise and what to look for.”  -New apparel supplier-


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining Walmart’s expectations.”  -New pet supplier-


“I am new to Walmart, so I did not know the capabilities of Retail Link but came away from the session with the basic knowledge I needed.”  -New craft supplier-