Empower your team with a complimentary Walmart Health Assessment


Want to be a better Walmart supplier but don’t know where to start? 

Now you can get a free assessment of your retail health from 8th & Walton. Like a wellness check-up from a trusted doctor, all your vital areas of business will be reviewed — your supply chain process, your sales data, your omnichannel presence, your readiness for Walmart Luminate™, and more. 

Conducted in strictest confidence by experts with decades of Walmart experience, the no-cost session will review your retail health from top to bottom. You’ll walk away with a suggested plan of action — and be on the road to a stronger retail life at Walmart.

  • Customized for your team, your challenges, your goals 
  • Always conducted in strictest confidence 
  • Provided by a team of experts with over 200 years of Walmart experience 
  • Free and with no obligation 


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