Let our replenishment experts walk you through each step of Walmart’s NOVA. In just one morning, you’ll learn how to create and maintain your Walmart POs properly, using the NOVA app and template in Retail Link®.

Then put that knowledge to use immediately and eliminate or reduce errors and fines.


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Walmart has recently enabled suppliers to create Walmart POs and update or edit them through the Retail Link® app called NOVA (New Order Validation & Approval). The rewards of using NOVA are many, including greater accuracy of POs, reduction of fines and quicker replenishment.

Who should attend this class:
Those new to replenishment, replenishment managers, sales analysts, some account managers, customer experience (CX) team members.

This class is currently available only as a webinar. 8th & Walton webinars are live, Zoom meetings with a maximum of 10 participants. 

You Will Learn

    What NOVA does and does not allow you to do
    How to access NOVA
    How to do a PO search
  • Single search
  • Multiple search
  • What MUST be included
  • What MAY be included
  • Line results
  • Header results
    • How to correctly create a PO
    • Walmart’s template
    • PO creation for staplestock and crossdock
    • Why checking for errors is critical
      • Best practices for PO maintenance
      • Important details to remember
      • Crossdock advice
      • Key cancel codes


PRICE: $395


Custom training and Walmart consulting services are also available for you or your team.
Custom training: We will develop a customized curriculum specifically for your needs and train your group privately, using your own data.
Walmart consulting: We will provide one-on-one time with an expert as well as full-service assistance from our team of consultants.
Click HERE to speak with a supply chain advisor to find out which is a better option for you.

Meet Your Teachers





Lori Carter has had a remarkable breadth of experience in her 24 year retail career. It began at Walmart and Sam’s Club where she became a Retail Link® analyst and replenishment specialist. As a supplier and working on behalf of suppliers, Lori has managed e-commerce accounts, analyzed data, improved OTIF scores and resolved transportation issues. Lori also serves as an administrator of the Walmart Supplier Support Group on FaceBook. Here she answers suppliers’ questions, an experience that has given her a deep understanding of the current needs of the Walmart supplier.

Terry Clear was at Walmart for nearly 10 years, five of which were on the GRS project, starting with pre go-live foundational work, later working with the database to migrate external data into the Walmart data warehouse. While on the GRS project, Terry earned a supply chain patent for process improvement for perishable product in the Walmart Express stores. Later, Terry moved to the Walmart Transportation/Logistics Division as a Senior Manager of Merchandise Logistics for Consumables, Health and Wellness. As Merchandising Logistics Manager, Terry was responsible for solving supply chain challenges including ship point alignments, prepaid or collect analyses, new supplier transportation onboarding, pack analyses, and optimization of the supply chain for multi-supplier private label products.



  • Register using your supplier email address
  • Have authorized access to Retail Link®
  • Have your Retail Link® ID and password


  • Access to and use of a web camera in computer



  • In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports.


  • Dual monitors (one for the webinar, one for reports)
  • Log in 15 minutes prior to class starting time to assure both audio and video are functioning.

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The class was great, and Terry and Lori were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’m so glad I took the class and will likely sign up for more in the future.

- Michele - 9/28/21 Director of Customer Service

The class was GREAT! Terry was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information with us. He is definitely on our radar for future training.

- Pam - 7/19/21 Senior eCommerce Specialist

Very informative and helpful.

- Aaron - 8/17/21 Key Account Manager

Terry’s class training on NOVA was very thorough and easy to follow. I really appreciated his attention to detail. We were able to ask variable questions and get good feedback.

- Ivy - 8/17/21 Direct Import Fulfillment Manager

Even though I had already been using NOVA for several months, I took the class to see if I was using it to its full potential. I ended up learning a lot that will be really useful to my job function! I’ve taken several 8th & Walton classes and all of them have been money well spent.

- Lisa - 8/17/21 Account Manager