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In three mornings of training, you’ll learn the foundation of item creation PLUS the entire Walmart item management process — starting with a correct set up for an item and ending with the best practices for making the most of your listings.

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Get it right the first time. That is the mantra for item creation. First, our experts show you all the ingredients that go into item creation. You’ll learn the ins and outs so you start off with a foundation of excellent knowledge. Then you’ll learn the best ways to create an item, how to maintain your listings correctly, and methods to enhance your item files in meaningful ways.

Who should take this class:
Those new to item creation, those doing hands-on item creation, managers dealing with item management, accountants, product managers.


Most 8th & Walton classes are exclusively for Walmart suppliers; only a supplier who works directly with Walmart may register. However, the first class in this series is broad and applies to all suppliers working within any retail system.

The content of these classes is revised frequently — whenever changes or updates occur.

NOTE FOR NEW WALMART SUPPLIERS: Regarding the second and third Item Creation classes: In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking either of these classes. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports in these two classes.

You Will Learn

Day One:
Item 360 – 1: The Groundwork of Item Creation

GDSN & Data Synchronization

  • GTINs and UPCs
  • Structures and types: 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes
  • Governance and use of authentic GTINs

GDSN & Data Synchronization

  • GDSN defined
  • The purpose of GDSN

1 World Sync

  • When to use it and why

EPC: Electronic Product Code

  • EPC vs UPC

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

  • What it is
  • Its purpose and use


  • Packaging hierarchy
  • The importance of accuracy
  • Interchangeable terms

WERCS (Worldwide Environmental Regulatory Compliance Solutions)

  • Products that are subject to a chemical review process
  • Why this is required

Day Two:
Item 360 – 2:
Item Creation Basics

How to set up items in Item 360

  • Overview of Item 360 and recent changes
  • Its dashboard and navigational page
  • Examples of error messages
  • How to complete spec forms properly
  • Requirements for both child and parent assortment items
  • Tips for uploading spreadsheets
  • Common problems and their solutions

How to —

  • Propose new items
  • Build Multibox items (dotcom only)
  • Build single items
  • Build mass items
  • Build shipper items
  • Build DSV items
  • Make an assortment to synch with GDSN
  • Make an assortment not to be synched with GDSN
  • Make a variant group

Day Three:
Item 360 – 3:
Item Development

  • How to determine the status of an item
  • How to find and fix an item
  • How to discard a submission properly

Shipper Activity Manager

  • How to track it
  • What Supplier Action Required and Walmart Action Required mean

How to maintain an item: step-by-step instructions

Areas in Maintenance Hub

  • How to edit, add or remove an image
  • Where costs for e-commerce and store-shared items are managed

How to navigate and manage specific areas in the catalog

How to customize a report

How to update images

The importance of content

  • The Content Scorecard and Walmart’s Content Standards
  • Guidelines and best practices
  • Why item pages are important
  • What enhanced content really does
  • How to build trust with a prospect or customer
  • How content is ranked

Common issues and their resolutions


PRICE: $1,755


Registration closes at 3 P.M. Central Time on the last business day prior to the first class in the suite. Please register using your supplier email address.


Each student must register; one participant per registration.

Meet Your Teacher

Joel Graham is a seasoned leader with 37 years of retail experience, 28 of them with Walmart and Sam’s Club. He led the Sam’s Club UPC/Item File Team for 10 years and worked in Walmart’s buying, replenishment, and operations areas as well as in its frozen, candy, HBA, OTC, pets, and dry grocery categories. An expert facilitator and advisor with over 15 years of presentation experience, Joel’s specialties include item file creation and management; packaging; accounting; compliance, including WERCS and factory disclosure; GTIN/GS1/Data Sync/GDSN; and all aspects of Retail Link®, DSS reporting, supply chain, and e-commerce.

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My favorite part of the class was learning about the history of the barcode, RFID, etc. I thought that Joel did a wonderful job communicating complex information. I also feel very comfortable with the support materials that were provided.

- Tad - 8/29/23 Account Manager

I thought the training was fantastic and Joel was wonderful in covering the information and answering questions! I will definitely recommend this course to others.

- Ryan - 4/25/23 National Account Manager

The classes were good, and Joel is very thorough. He takes time to make sure you understand the subject and encourages questions.

- Mike - 1/24/23 National Account Manager

It was great! Joel was a wonderful facilitator and very knowledgeable. He went at a good pace and was VERY good about answering questions throughout the training… I had a lot of them. Great experience and will recommend to others.

- Stefanie - 11/15/22 Sales Insight Analyst

The class was great!! I knew just enough to be a menace before I started with Joel. He was a very patient teacher and really helped put things in order so that I could follow the logic of it all! I can’t wait to use what he taught me!

- Patti - 9/27/22 Sales Operation Manager

I thought the training was beneficial. I was already somewhat familiar with Item 360, but there were new things that I learned that will help me as Item 360 is fully rolled out later in the year for apparel. I think the training is better suited for newcomers to the platform, but there was still value in me attending. I went into the training with an open mind, so I wouldn’t say that I had any preconceived expectations. I think Joel covered all the applicable content.

- Matthew - 4/19/22 Sales Support

It was great, thank you! I actually had to use my learnings that same day!

- Julie - 3/29/22 Sales and Reporting Analyst