Walmart marches forward with its Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP). Its changes and refinements are significant, and understanding all current aspects of SQEP means you avoid penalties.

This seminar is valuable to suppliers who need to understand SQEP fully because its impact on them is significant. Let our experts (with your best interests at heart) walk you through today’s SQEP so you are well prepared.




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This seminar provides an overview of SQEP, showing the value of SQEP, how to minimize SQEP penalties, and how to maximize your profits. You’ll learn fundamental information, find out the changes and additions since last year, and have the opportunity to ask questions from an expert on SQEP.

Who should take this seminar:
Those who interface directly with SQEP in operations, item creation, supply chain, sales, accounting and inbound quality; executives and managers who need to understand the big picture more clearly.

Content for this seminar is updated frequently — whenever changes or new content is available.

8th & Walton classes are exclusively for Walmart suppliers; only a supplier who works directly with Walmart may register.

You Will Learn

How SQEP benefits suppliers
SQEP Timeline and Dashboard
PO Accuracy

  • PO defects and their definitions
  • Plan of action


  • How a fine is built
  • The significance of the invoicing schedule

High Radius

  • Required information
  • What is/what is not applicable

Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)

  • The purpose of ASN
  • Steps in the ASN process
  • Impact of using/not using ASN
  • Plan of action

Phase II – Barcodes & Labeling

  • Tools to help you
  • Value of the relevant system-generated email
  • List of common defects
  • Compliant/non-compliant examples

Phase III – Packaging, Pallets, and Load Quality

  • Compliant/non-compliant examples
  • Cost comparison of making/not making corrections

Plan of action for Phases II, III and IV
ASN Application
FIXit App
SQEP Portal
Fuel Management Program (FMP)
High Radius

PRICE: $650
Registration closes at 3 P.M. Central Time on the last business day prior to the class.


  • Each student must register; one participant per registration.
  • Each student must use his/her camera throughout class.
  • Register using your supplier email address.


Terry Clear was at Walmart for nearly ten years, five of which were on the GRS project, starting with pre go live foundational work, later working with the database to migrate external data into the Walmart data warehouse. While on the GRS project, Terry earned a supply chain patent for a process improvement for perishable product in the Walmart Express stores. Later, Terry moved to the Walmart Transportation/Logistics Division as a Senior Manager of Merchandise Logistics for Consumables, Health and Wellness. As Merchandising Logistics Manager, Terry was responsible for solving supply chain challenges including ship point alignments, prepaid or collect analyses, new supplier transportation onboarding, pack analyses, and optimization of the supply chain for multi supplier private label products.

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The class was excellent and worth every penny. I’ve already had two meetings with my supply and customer care teams to implement improvements identified during the class. I love that the concepts were explained simply and the next steps for action were so obvious and clear. Please thank Terry for me.

- Rich - 3/17/22 Walmart Supplier

The class was very informative, but it is a lot of information to take in during a short time frame. I enjoyed it very much and thought it was well worth the time and cost.

- Chris - 3/17/22 Manager, Compliance & Customer Service

This was my second class with Terry and like before, I enjoyed it. Terry is very approachable and helpful in his style of teaching. I found a lot of the information useful. I came away with some things I had known but forgotten and learned how to better use the tool.

- Patty - 3/17/22 Category Replenishment Analyst

Until taking this seminar, I did not know about the FIXit app. This will give me great examples to hold different departments accountable.

- Bailee - 12/16/21 Logistics Lead

I enjoyed the class with Terry and appreciate it being offered. I liked that he engaged the attendees throughout the training. It felt it was as in-person as it could have been. The information shared was very informative, and he provided insight and understanding we would not have gotten from a Retail Link update nor documentations issued from the Acadamy in Retail Link. I had a number of take- aways from this training and am confident they will assist with better management of our SQEP performance.

- Wendi - 12/16/21 Retail Analyst

The training was excellent and I learned several things that will lead to improvements. I thought Terry did a great job.

- Student - 12/16/21 Project Manager