Puzzled about which class to take? Use the guide below to find out quickly. Just match your needs and readiness (on the left) to determine the recommended class (on the right). The black arrow at the right will take you directly to a full description of the class curriculum.

Retail Link® and Luminate Classes

Master Retail Link® is essential for virtually everyone new to retail or new to Walmart. It is foundational and has a very broad appeal. People working in sales, replenishment, accounting, supply chain, analytics, administration, account management, and customer service take this class.

Luminate Reports teaches the Luminate system of making reports. It is for both those new to creating reports and those familiar with creating DSS reports but new to creating Luminate reports. Analysts as well as people working with accounts and promotions take this class.



Accounting, Invoicing, & Deductions is for those working in accounting, sales and sales analysis, reconciliation, claims, and replenishment. It is for those new to this work as well as those experienced but wanting to enhance their knowledge. Administrators and controllers alike find it valuable.


Supply Chain Classes

SQEP has proven helpful for analysts as well as those working in category replenishment, logistics, project management, and even customer service.

OTIF focuses on On Time In Full requirements and the ramifications of non-compliance. Those working in any aspect of supply chain, EDI data and systems, deductions, and inventory control benefit from this class.

Forecasting & Replenishment is geared towards those working in forecasting and its analysis, replenishment and its analysis, demand planning, and CPFR.

How to Navigate Walmart’s Supply Chain is an overview of the entire Walmart supply chain, start to finish. It provides a solid foundation for those learning supply chain as well as those experienced with it who want a fuller understanding of how it all works. 

NOVA: Learn It Now is most valuable to those working in forecasting and replenishment, accountants, accounting teams, and anyone working to correct errors and reduce penalties.


Item 360 Classes

All three of these classes (1: Introduction to Item Creation, 2: Item Creation Basics, 3: Item Development) teach the correct way to enter items into Walmart’s systems. Because the classes are sequential, many account managers, sales analysts, and people working in product and business development register for the Item 360 Suite which includes all three classes. 


NEW: Retail Math Basics

Designed to remove the mystery from formulas used extensively in retail, this class is for anyone who wants to be more comfortable and productive with common retail equations. It is NOT for accountants or those already at ease with retail mathematics. Ideal for executives needing to brush up, those new to retail, suppliers wanting to understand volume, profitability, and asset efficiency.

NEW: Supplier One

If you need to start off on solid footing with Walmart’s Supplier One, this class is for you. In just one morning, you will learn the key features of Supplier One — items and inventory, claims and returns, order management, and payments and charges — and how to use this new app.