5 Levels of Walmart Retail Link® Reporting

Walmart Suppliers live and breathe by the data generated each week in Retail Link®. From last week’s sales to last month’s On Time and In Full scorecard, decisions on both sides of the Walmart/Supplier meeting table come down to these numbers. The question for supplier is: are diving deep enough into your reports to influence your buyer?

On this week’s podcast, we sit down with Terry Clear to go through his five levels of Walmart Retail Link® Reporting. As Terry explains, many suppliers have no problem generating that initial weekly report. However, the Walmart Buyers’ expectations go well beyond that to make major decisions about your business.

Another key point at the negotiation table: it is up to the supplier to report on their own sales and bring innovation to the table based on the data.

Terry goes through each of the five levels and how they go deeper into reporting. You’ll hear him also reference 8th & Walton classes that reinforce these skills for your analysts:


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