Walmart Made in USA Open Call

Walmart’s Open Call 2024: How to Prepare

Walmart is always on the lookout for innovative products that are made, grown, or assembled in the United States. Open Call has provided thousands of small and medium-sized businesses the chance to become Walmart suppliers. Since its launch in 2014, it has provided an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs with a shelf-ready product. Open Call also demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to American jobs and communities.

Just What Is Open Call?

Entrepreneurs submit applications for a chance to pitch a product to Walmart and Sam’s Club. These product pitches are 30-minute one-on-one, face-to-face meetings. Success results in getting a product in the stores, and this can range from supplying a handful of local stores to supplying hundreds of stores, clubs,,, and Walmart Marketplace.

Key Dates

July 15: Application for Open Call closes

Aug. 20: Entrepreneurs are notified if they are selected to pitch at Open Call

Sept. 24-25: Open Call Event in Bentonville, AR

What to Do If You Are Accepted to Open Call

You’ll need to put together a presentation about your product, but before you begin, dedicate an afternoon to walking the store. Better still, dedicate a full day and walk two or three Walmart stores. Observe. Take notes. 

Spend time looking on the shelves where your product is likely to be placed. What is missing in that category? What does your product do to fill in that gap? How will your product fill an unmet need? How is your product innovative? Why does Walmart need it?

What to Include in Your Open Call Presentation

  • Only information about the single product you are presenting, not other products
  • How your product differs from others, how it is innovative, how it fills an unmet need of the Walmart shopper
  • Sales data (if available)
  • Sales data from other retailers (if available)
  • A marketing plan
  • Promotion ideas for your product
  • Private label options
  • All testing and research you have done
  • The back-story of the brand — but ONLY IF you can make this brief and interesting
  • Testimonials or stories from your customers

Tips About Presenting at Open Call

  • You will have a limited time to present. Allow time for questions from Walmart.
  • Make notes of exactly what you want to convey. Be succinct.
  • Practice in front of a mirror.
  • Practice in front of a mirror while you are smiling.
  • Practice in front of a live person or two.
  • Begin your presentation with WHY your product should be in Walmart.


What does Made In the USA actually mean to Walmart?
Made, grown, or assembled in the United States. 

When will I hear if I’m accepted?
After the application period closes the week of August 20, those accepted will receive an email from RangeMe.

What is RangeMe? 
Walmart has partnered with RangeMe, a product-discover and sourcing platform, to gather all product pitches for Open Call.

I applied a few years back but was not selected. May I apply again?
Yes, repeat attendees are encouraged to return to Open Call but to pitch only for categories not previously pitched and only to Walmart merchants with whom they have not met in the last year.

How many of my team may attend?
A maximum of two per company.

I see that only shelf-ready products should be presented. What does that mean?
Products must be already in hand and must have a UPC code. They must be all set to actually be put on a Walmart shelf.

The application is a little confusing to me. May I just leave a couple of things blank?
Walmart advises that suppliers complete everything on the application form and pay special attention to the supplier requirements. Share everything you can , including where your products are made or assembled. Filling it out completely increases your chances of success.

How can I find out more about Open Call?
Walmart has a very complete explanation of many of the details:

What do I need to know about Bentonville, Arkansas?
Welcome to Bentonville! We are thrilled to have you. To find out about staying in and visiting Walmart’s hometown, we recommend heading to They have an easy to use website with trip planners and suggested outings.