Supply Chain

Make every element of your supply chain work more smoothly — from packaging to shelf. Optimize opportunities. Minimize problems. Let us show you how.

Supply chain has many, many aspects and is a key factor in both your profitability and your relationship with Walmart. OTIF, replenishment, Inventory management, prepaid or collect — all this and more can be explored and improved under the guidance of our advisors. Remember, our experts have extensive experience with Walmart and as suppliers themselves. Over 280 years of such experience. In addition, our advisors pride themselves on staying up-to-the-minute with Walmart’s requirements and strategy, always working to make you a better partner with Walmart.

Here are just some of the ways we recently helped suppliers with supply chain:

     Reviewed client’s purchase orders; crafted email for replenishment manager

     Taught client’s new forecast analyst the OTIF program -- various reports and methods to help him improve client’s OTIF score

     Spoke with factory about ways to reduce delivery time needed for merchandise to arrive at regional distribution center

     Drafted an email for client to present to Walmart requesting changing freight payment terms

     Reviewed forecast; identified exceptions; recommended changes 

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