Onboarding for New Walmart Vendors

new Walmart supplier“I’m a new Walmart vendor,” began a recent caller to our office. “What classes should I take?”

Good question. We at 8th & Walton offer a range of courses for Walmart vendors, from Beginning Retail Link to our newest, Excel for Retail Professionals.We thought first about our Fast Start program, perfect for new hires and job seekers.

As we spoke more with the caller, though, it was clear that we had something that would work better than that for his needs.

Our caller was the representative for a century old European company, here in Bentonville to begin getting the products on the shelves.

Walmart is Different

A major European food manufacturer knows about distribution channels and about retail. They may not know about Walmart.

Walmart has a different system from any other retailer, because Walmart is different from all other retailers. The first 90 days, from when your company gets the nod from a Walmart buyer to the first shipment, is critical.

You don’t get a second chance with Walmart.

That first 90 days is filled with pitfalls and with opportunities. At 8th & Walton, we really know Walmart. Our people have been Walmart executives and Walmart buyers, vendors, and team members. We are the top trainer for Walmart vendors, and there’s a reason for that.

We begin working with new vendors two weeks before their first shipment and assist them through the initial period, making sure that they do everything they need to do, and that they do it right.

This Supplier On-Boarding service combines training and support with custom coaching to give companies the edge they need when they first get started.

Let’s face it: winning with Walmart is great. Losing with Walmart can be devastating.

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