Custom Training

“With the help of 8th & Walton’s training, I was able to learn how to navigate Retail Link® and utilize it to grow our business. Now I am able to run reports and create detailed and summarized analyses -- finding our strengths and weaknesses and making better informed business decisions based on them.”

What It Is

Designed to get one person or an entire team up to speed quickly, Custom Training gets you where you need to be, fast. We will provide the experts to guide you to a deeper knowledge, using your company’s data. 

How It Works

Our experts teach you precisely what you need to learn, when and where you want it. Whether face-to-face or online, our Custom Training provides intense learning when you need to solve a problem or understand something quickly. 

Before any training begins, you and an expert from 8th & Walton will determine the knowledge that will be most beneficial to your business. Then we build and deliver a custom-training program that perfectly fits your needs. 

Who It Helps

All suppliers and teams that want to learn specific material on their time schedule. This includes suppliers who...

  • Need training on a variety of topics, such as 
    • Systems like Retail Link®
    • Replenishment & Forecasting
    • Scorecard Optimization
    • Joint Business Planning
  • Need training for more than one or two people
  • Are considering taking several courses
  • Don’t quite know what they don’t know

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