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Walmart Fundamentals: Tools for Success

Are you new to the Walmart account? This class is for you!

Supplier Career Fundamentals
Beginning Retail Link

Learn all essential functions of Retail Link -- including the tools you can't afford to not be using already.

Fun alternative: Trial and error -- who's got time for that? Join us to learn all the most common functions of Retail Link.

  • Walmart vocabulary and reporting fundamentals
  • How to report sales and inventory by item
  • How to identify top and bottom performing stores by item
Intermediate Retail Link

Identify and address in-stock issues. Manage on-hand and pipeline inventory. Track sales performance.

Fun alternative: Identify and address in-stock issues like a boss. Manage on-hand and pipeline inventory, and track sales performance and trend analysis.

  • Sales Performance and Trend Analysis
  • How to identify and address in-stock issues
  • How to manage on-hand and pipeline inventory
Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions

Recover up to 2 1/2 years of lost revenue due to invalid deductions. And while you're at it, learn how to avoid chargebacks in the first place.

  • Avoid charge-backs
  • Understand your vendor agreement and how it impacts claims
  • Use the supplier Dispute Portal to successfully request payback
Power Reporting & Analytics
Advanced Retail Link & Analytics
Planning & Forecasting

Protect your sales and your relationship with Walmart by producing accurate forecasts.

  • Build forecast projections
  • Analyze forecast accuracy
  • Analyze 52-week sales and inventory
Replenishment 101

Learn how to identify and correct poor instock, as-well-as exceptions that prevent excellent supply chain performance and how your replenishment is viewed by Walmart.

  • Identify root cause of out-of-stocks
  • Use seasonal trend analysis to forecast sales
  • Identify and resolve lead time and fill rate issues
Replenishment 201: Rock Your Instock

Take the next steps in adjusting GRS settings to improve your forecast, resulting in a more accurate supply chain.

We will examine the tools used to best communicate with the Walmart replenishment teams, how and when to use them.

GRS: Down the Rabbit Hole

More than you ever wanted to know about Walmart's Global Replenishment System! This class in an in-depth workshop covering the most impactful GRS reports, tools, and functions.

On Time & In Full
E-Commerce: How to Succeed with Walmart

E-Commerce is NOT the future. E-Commerce is NOW.

Join us to learn how to manage your Dotcom business — all the way from item creation to optimizing your search results on

Direct Imports
Item File Setup & Maintenance
Sam's Club Item Setup, Dotcom & GDSN
Advisory Services

In addition to these courses, 8th & Walton Experts also offer advisory services.

Bring us your challenges, and our team of Experts will provide a solution.  

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