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Selling to Walmart: A Guide For Suppliers

Understanding how Walmart does business and what your buyer will expect from you is critical to your success. Whether you are new or aspiring supplier, this class is for you!

Beginning Retail Link

Trial and error -- who's got time for that? Join us to learn all the most common functions of Retail Link.

  • Walmart vocabulary and reporting fundamentals
  • How to report sales and inventory by item
  • How to identify top and bottom performing stores by item
Intermediate Retail Link

Learn to identify and address in-stock issues, manage on-hand and pipeline inventory, and track sales performance and trend analysis.

  • Sales Performance and Trend Analysis
  • How to identify and address in-stock issues
  • How to manage on-hand and pipeline inventory
Advanced Retail Link & Analytics

This course takes seasoned Retail Link® users well beyond the program’s basic functionality, teaching value-added reporting, in-depth analysis, and sales/profit-producing recommendations.

Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions

Recover lost revenue due to invalid deductions. And while you're at it, learn how to avoid chargebacks in the first place.

  • Avoid charge-backs
  • Understand your vendor agreement and how it impacts claims
  • Use the supplier Dispute Portal to successfully request payback
Planning & Forecasting

Protect your sales and your relationship with Walmart by producing accurate forecasts.

  • Build forecast projections
  • Analyze forecast accuracy
  • Analyze 52-week sales and inventory
Replenishment 101

Learn how to identify and correct poor instock, as-well-as exceptions that prevent excellent supply chain performance and how your replenishment is viewed by Walmart.

  • Identify root cause of out-of-stocks
  • Use seasonal trend analysis to forecast sales
  • Identify and resolve lead time and fill rate issues
Replenishment 201: Rock Your Instock

Take the next steps in adjusting GRS settings to improve your forecast, resulting in a more accurate supply chain.

We will examine the tools used to best communicate with the Walmart replenishment teams, how and when to use them.

GRS: Global Replenishment Solution

Everything you ever wanted to know about Walmart's Global Replenishment Solution -- This class covers the most impactful GRS reports, tools, and functions.

OTIF: On Time & In Full

This class will help you understand ways to improve your supply chain performance, including:

  • Walmart expectations for On Time, In Full shipments
  • Finding and navigating the OTIF scorecard
  • Building an action plan for meeting Walmart's OTIF expectations
Merchandise Logistics

Need to improve your OTIF score? This new class will help you connect your decisions in GRS with desired OTIF outcomes. You will learn:

  • What variables are impacting your OTIF score
  • Which of those are within your control
  • How to collaborate with your team to optimize your supply chain
E-Commerce: How to Succeed with Walmart

E-Commerce is NOT the future. E-Commerce is NOW.

Join us to learn how to manage your Dotcom business — all the way from item creation to optimizing your search results on

Direct Imports

This course focuses on the process of creating and importing an import item and flowing that product into the Walmart Supply Chain.

Understanding the Import process is key to success in the getting your product to market. We walk you through the Quote process, Product Offers, Ports/Storage, Factory Audits and managing your Purchase Orders.

Item File Setup & Maintenance

Maximize your knowledge and earning potential by gaining a greater understanding of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and item management.

This course provides a thorough understanding of getting your items created at Walmart, the GDSN process and managing the online item file process.

Sam's Club Item Setup, Dotcom & GDSN

Join us to gain a thorough understanding of GDSN, Item File setup and maintenance for Sam's Club through Item Link, and the process.

Advisory Services

In addition to these courses, 8th & Walton Experts also offer advisory services.

Bring us your challenges, and our team of Experts will provide a solution.  

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Supplier Career Fundamentals

If you are looking to start a career in the Supplier Community, this six week series will give you all the tools to set yourself apart and begin your new career. Learn about Walmart Fundamentals, Retail Link, and Analytics as well as key functions on many suppliers teams such as Supply Chain, eCommerce and Accounting. Participants will receive certification from the University of Arkansas.

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