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Order Forecast: How To Improve Your In Full


Walmart has begun to allow suppliers to see its order forecast projections through the Supply Plan, Walmart’s Supply Plan is a Decision Support (DSS) query in Retail Link® that provides suppliers with a future projection of their orders. With that additional tool, more is expected of suppliers, including a higher fill rate. Learn how to work this new data to full advantage.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Create, pull, and properly use the Supply Plan query
  • Compare your sales history with Walmart’s forecasts
  • Make sure you have enough inventory to meet what Walmart is likely to order
  • Validate the accuracy of promotions in demand forecast
Retail Link® 1: Basic - Master Its Most Important Functions


Master the most important functions of Retail Link® and do it with confidence! In the morning, an experienced teacher (who was once a supplier to Walmart) will lead you through the ins and outs of its Home Page as well as its most significant DOCS and APPS. In the afternoon, you’ll explore the Retail Link® Decision Support Home Page, learn the elements of building a query, and create and retrieve your Supplier Scorecard and Quick Item Information Report. You’ll walk away understanding what Retail Link® provides and how to confidently access this treasury of data.

  • Basic Navigation
  • How to Customize Your Own Dashboard
  • How to Build Out Your Business at a Glance
  • 15 Valuable APPS, including: Online Item File (OIF) and EDI E-Commerce
Retail Link® 2: Decision Support: Hands-On Practice


You’ll learn how to build queries from start to finish. Then you’ll explore different versions of the same data to give you a fuller, richer understanding of your product’s performance in Walmart. This class provides a solid base on which to grow your sales.

You will learn how to create and retrieve seven reports, including:

  • Company Summary
  • Basic Sales & Inventory Report
  • Basic Replenishment Report
  • Forecast Report
  • POS Report
  • A Markdowns Report
Retail Link® 3: Customize for your business


You know the basics of Retail Link®. But you now wonder, “What do I do first? What is not necessary? What’s the best use of my time?” These questions and more are answered in this practical class that puts the Retail Link® puzzle pieces together.

There are dozens of Retail Link® apps you can use. Here you’ll determine which are the best applications for your brand. Then you’ll build a schedule of which apps and which queries in DSS to do each day, each week, each month, each quarter, and each year. Your teacher will top that off with the best practices for keeping your work manageable, accurate, and timely with the Five Steps to Keep You on Top of Your Business.

Topics covered include:

  • How to determine what you absolutely must track and what you can let go
  • How to build a cadence of work that retains your sanity while building your business
  • Monday Reports - What you need to include
  • Which applications are most impactful for your brand
  • How to factor seasonality into your work schedule
  • How to build templates that give you information you can actually put to use
  • How to determine which queries work hardest for you

Retail Link® 4: Analytics and Storytelling


Get more out of your data! Become a better analyst while you learn how to use data to tell a story.

  • Tell a story using your data
  • Increase your capacity to gain insights
  • Begin to truly mine your data
  • Manage your inventory better
Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions

Learn how to optimize cash flow through effective use of purchase orders, invoicing information, and accounting procedures.

  • How to avoid deductions
  • How the Walmart Payables system works
  • Use the supplier Dispute Portal to successfully request payback
GRS 101: Demand Forecasting

Forecast accuracy is essential to produce purchase orders that support both in-stock and merchandise flow.

  • GRS overview and key concepts
  • Demand workbench and forecast generation
  • Demand reporting
GRS 201: Fulfillment

Learn how the demand forecast and other supply chain inputs are used to impact purchase orders.

  • Truckload Optimization
  • Sources of safety stock & how to provide recommendations
  • Creation of the supply plan for stores and DCs
OT & IF and Load Quality

Need to improve your OTIF score? Prepare your sales, replenishment, and supply chain team members to identify root cause, plan steps to execute, and improve performance.

  • Walmart's expectations for On Time In Full shipments
  • How OTIF utilizes Must Arrive By Date to show exceptions
  • How to read your On Time In Full score
  • How to build an OTIF Action Plan for your company
  • How to connect your forecast with desired OTIF outcomes
E-Commerce: How to Succeed with Walmart


E-Commerce is such a big part of the future of retail that it deserves a little extra effort — and extra effort is required for e-commerce. Yes, setting up items on Walmart’s Supplier Center can be a challenge, but the pay-off can be extraordinary.

In this basics class, you’ll get an overview of where e-commerce in general is today and specifically where it is with Walmart. You’ll be given practical advice and tried-and-true techniques to make your efforts more predictable and successful. Equipped with these basics, you’ll be better prepared for the future of e-commerce at Walmart.

Topics covered include::

  • E-commerce history, trends, and statistics
  • Walmart’s e-commerce history and current direction
  • Overview of today’s Supplier Center and likely changes
  • How to set up an item in the Supplier Center
  • How to set up an item in a spreadsheet and upload it to the Supplier Center
  • The importance of accuracy and the value of proof-reading
  • How to select images for your products sold on-line
  • How to maximize SEO, based on the current algorithms
Item File Setup & Maintenance

Maximize your knowledge by gaining a greater understanding of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and item management.

This course provides a thorough understanding of getting your items created at Walmart, the GDSN process and managing the online item file process.

  • What GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) / Data Sync is
  • How to create your GTIN
  • The packaging hierarchy and why it is important
  • Differences between assortments and shippers
  • Attributes of new items and the significance of each
  • The new Item Creation Process: How to use Supplier Center to build your item’s number
  • How to complete the Item Creation template from Supplier Center
  • How to retrieve Synchronization and Publication Reports