Walmart’s 2023 RFID Expansion

walmart rfid

In early 2023, Walmart announced it was expanding its RFID tagging initiative to more departments. While suppliers have until February 2024 to be fully compliant in stores, early planning and adoption of the RFID technology is critical.

On this week’s podcast, Mike Graen is back with new information on the RFID initiative and tools to help suppliers. During our interview, we ask Mike:

  • What is RFID and how is it used in retail?
  • What are Walmart’s expectations for suppliers in this new RFID phase?
  • What will suppliers learn in the upcoming online RFID seminars?
  • What are the benefits of RFID for suppliers and for customers?
  • What’s a realistic timeline for beginning RFID tagging to being fully compliant in a store?

After listening to the podcast (click the “play button” above to hear the interview), impacted suppliers should: