RJW Logistics Talks COVID-19 and Walmart’s OTIF

If you’re a Walmart supplier struggling with the changing demands of supply chain, this week’s show is for you!

Our podcast guest this week is Greg Forbis, SVP of Strategy and Business Development for RJW Logistics Group. Greg has a long history of working with Walmart suppliers to improve logistical operations and his team at RJW have maintained outstanding OTIF numbers during the current pandemic.

In our conversation, we ask Greg about:

  • His background in logistics with Walmart and suppliers
  • How COVID-19 has changed logistics and what we can expect in the next few months
  • What suppliers were most concerned about at the beginning of the pandemic and how RJW adapted to support them
  • How RJW maintained a 99% OTIF during the pandemic
  • Why suppliers should consider a consolidator and the savings it brings
  • The advantages of partnering with an asset-based provider

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