Walmart OPD (Online Pickup and Delivery): A Quick Guide

As quickly as shopper habits and expectations change, Walmart is constantly evolving to keep up with its customers. Walmart’s innovation goes well beyond the products and services it offers to its customers; the company is also adapting to how the customer wants to shop.

Realizing that one customer may choose to shop in a variety of ways (in-store, online, home delivery, store delivery, store pickup), Walmart offers a variety of shopping options.

Outside of the customer who chooses to shop in a brick-and-mortar store, others choose to take advantage of Walmart OPD. As we’ll explore, Walmart OPD is a huge convenience for Walmart suppliers and can potentially grow their customer base.

What Is Walmart OPD?

Walmart OPD is Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery. Walmart OPD allows customers to order products online and have them delivered to their home or prepared for pickup at a local Walmart store.

Walmart OPD vs. Walmart OGP

Walmart OPD (Online Pickup and Delivery) is an expansion of Walmart’s OGP (Online Grocery Pickup). While Walmart’s pickup and delivery options are most convenient for large grocery orders, the products available for these services go well beyond grocery items.

Although some general merchandise items were qualified to be ordered via Walmart OGP, some customers were unaware they could take advantage of this option when adding items to their online cart. To make this more evident to the Walmart shopper, the company rebranded the service and changed the design and functionality of the app.

Walmart customers can now order a combination of grocery and general merchandise items and have them delivered to their homes or available for pickup at their local store.

What Does Walmart OPD Mean for Suppliers?

The Walmart OPD service means that Walmart suppliers are true omnichannel suppliers. If an item is on the shelf at a Walmart store, it qualifies for delivery to a customer’s home or for store-side pickup.

What Walmart suppliers should understand is this potentially changes the way they set up their items in Retail Link. If a supplier has never had to set up an item with an online description and imagery, they should expect to provide both.

Even if the supplier does not take orders and ship directly via, customers still have the option to visit the site to place pickup and delivery orders. Walmart expects every supplier to be an omnichannel supplier for the benefit and convenience of the customer.

Advantages of Walmart OPD for Suppliers

Walmart OPD has many advantages for suppliers. The extra work that needs to be done in Retail Link for a few will have big benefits in the end when it comes to sales and exposure. Some of the advantages include:

Product Awareness

Whether a customer is placing an order for pickup, delivery, or even if they plan on driving to a Walmart store to shop, many research items online before any purchase. Having to create online item pages for Walmart items (even if it is just for the purposes of store pickup and delivery) can also increase awareness of the items for customers researching online for in-store shopping.

Bonus Sales

Items available for pickup or delivery at a Walmart store have an opportunity to capitalize on a competitor’s mistake. If a customer orders a competitor’s item and the item is out of stock, Walmart may offer a similar item as a substitution. This is an opportunity to grow sales and gain new customers, so it’s imperative that Walmart OTIF expectations are being followed.

Growing Customer Base

Customers opting to use Walmart OPD is a growing trend. The convenience of not having to walk the aisles of a Walmart store, search for a list of items, and load heavy bags of products into a car is appealing to all demographics. The growing popularity of Walmart OPD is a chance for suppliers to grow their customer base by taking advantage of this added convenience through online advertising and special offers.

Do All Items Qualify for Walmart OPD?

Walmart’s goal is to be a true omnichannel company for its customers. This means having the item the customers wants, when they want it, at the price they want, and available for the customer through the method they choose to shop.

The general rule is: if an item is on a Walmart shelf, it is available for delivery and store pickup. Certain rules will apply depending on local laws and the items themselves (i.e., prescription medication, alcohol, select items based on size or hazardous material content, etc.).

One group of items that does not qualify for store pickup are those sold through Walmart Marketplace sellers. Walmart Marketplace is a platform for third-party sellers to list their items on Walmart Marketplace sellers house and ship their own items, so although these items are listed online, they are noted as not being available for store pickup.


Working with Walmart means striving to give the customer that omnichannel experience. Through their online research, ordering, and options for delivery or store pickup, today’s customer has a higher expectation of service and more options from which to choose. Walmart OPD gives the customer an additional level of convenience while providing the supplier with an opportunity to grow their base.

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