Millennials Like to Be the Expert

Millennial ShoppingEver gone shopping with a Millennial? It can be an adventure, because they aren’t content to just grab a product off the shelf and toss it in the cart. Millennials want to know what they’re buying. So don’t be surprised if your shopping companion spends a lot of time reading product labels, checking out demos, or talking to store staff about the pedigree of their artisan eggs.

Why does your Millennial friend behave like this? It seems to be a generational trait. Millennials like to think of themselves as experts. The Internet makes it easy not only to learn new skills through videos, podcasts, and detailed websites — it’s also possible to connect with real experts in online communities. This makes it possible for novices to gain new knowledge quickly in hopes of being able to use that knowledge in social and career settings.

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Millennials Take outdoor grilling for example. In a recent survey, 80% of Millennials indicated that standing over the barbecue is their favorite summer activity. In fact, Millennial grillers love pulling together a great meal in front of their friends.

So how does a supplier benefit by knowing about Millennials’ desire to be the expert?

Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi X recently shared some insights on Focus on Suppliers that can help:

“Perhaps it’s creating a display or some type of communication that gives Millennials that one-stop shop experience that they’re looking for.  Really giving them tips and tricks to show off to their friends that they’re the grilling experts, the party experts, and really own summer.”

In other words, Millennial customers aren’t just buying grills, tongs, bratwurst, and corn on the cob. They are buying the experience of being the best grill-master on the block, someone who really knows his or her stuff. When you give them practical knowledge on grilling, cooking, or throwing a party, you enable them to be the experts that they want to be.