Walmart Dispute Portal: How to Enroll in APDP and HighRadius

Walmart suppliers get hit each month with deductions, penalties, and chargebacks. To lower the financial impact and add those dollars back to the profit column, suppliers can improve errors in their supply chain and various processes.

However, many times a monetary penalty from Walmart may be a mistake. The company has systems in place for suppliers to dispute charges if the supplier can show the penalty was issued in error. The types of disputes submitted from suppliers can be in one of two categories: accounts payable disputes and accounts receivable disputes.

Accounts Payable Dispute Portal (APDP)

Accounts Payable deductions can be disputed in Walmart’s Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP).

For Walmart accounts payable processing and disputes, the company launched this new application in late 2021. This app within Retail Link® replaced the previously used third-party portal, My Direct Commerce.

APDP provides Walmart suppliers an easy tool to create a dispute by cutting down on needless paperwork and mistakes. APDP works to resolve disputes with claim records that are already found within the system. Accounts payable disputes, as it relates to payments of a supplier’s invoices, can be sent electronically through this application

Walmart suppliers are enrolled automatically in APDP after they have created their Retail Link® account. Walmart Accounts Payable deductions, also known as claims, are usually withheld from an invoice payment and visible in Walmart’s Accounts Payable Inquiry System (APIS).

Accounts Receivable Dispute Portal (HighRadius)

For accounts receivable and money paid from suppliers to Walmart, Walmart uses the HighRadius tool. HighRadius is a service that allows suppliers to manage their Walmart account online through a self-service portal. By logging in to HighRadius, Walmart suppliers can easily view, pay, or dispute invoices.

New Walmart suppliers will need to register with HighRadius. To be set up as a new supplier, companies need to email [email protected] and specify:

  • Six-digit vendor number (if the company has multiple vendor numbers, include them all)
  • Company name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company email
  • Time zone
  • Company phone number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country

After the account is approved and setup, the supplier will receive an email from HighRadius with login credentials.


Disputing Walmart deductions, penalties, and chargebacks is key to adding dollars back to a supplier’s bottom line. When researched and submitted correctly, Walmart will honor disputes in many cases.

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