RJW Talks Walmart OTIF, Holiday 2020, and Logistics Strategies

Greg Forbis
Greg Forbis

Welcome to September, Walmart suppliers! Finishing up Back to School and gearing up for Holiday can be a stressful time in retail. To top it all off, Walmart has brought back the On Time In Full program!

If your supply chain is struggling, we have a great show for you this week. Our friend Greg Forbis, SVP of Strategy and Business Development for RJW Logistics Group, is back with some great insight.

Greg has a vast background with Walmart Stores and has spent many years working with suppliers on logistics solutions. Though 2020 has been a challenge to say the least, Greg offers excellent advice and strategies for your business on this week’s podcast.

In our discussion with Greg, we ask:

  • What factors lead to Walmart bringing the OTIF program back?
  • What are the challenges we can anticipate as OTIF comes back for the Holiday season?
  • How do the order and inventory review schedules impact sales and in-stock?
  • When looking at partnering with a logistics firm like RJW, how is a single-location strategy different from a multi-node network?

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