New to the e-commerce role? Want to know more? Need reassurance that your work is correct? Our e-commerce advisors will provide just what you need — doing it for you, with you, or teaching you to do it.

The importance of e-commerce continues to grow. For that reason, suppliers who want their Walmart business to flourish, turn to our experienced advisors for help. Help through training. Help with problem solving. And, for some, help by having us actually do the e-commerce work for them.

Here are just some of the ways we recently helped suppliers with e-commerce:

     Trained a team on e-commerce

     Pulled and analyzed e-commerce reports for last year and this year

     Analyzed SEO for client; provided insights and direction to rank higher on the page

     Completed Walmart’s graphic images for client, freeing client to work on other aspects of his business

     Tutored manager on how to best use the Walmart Supplier Center

Complete the contact form at the right, or, if you prefer, contact us directly:

US: Chris at 479-715-6700 or Chris@8thAndWalton.com

Canada: Heather at Heather@8thAndWalton.com