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Retail Link®

Retail Link® is your online hub for the data, documentation, reports, and special applications to manage your business with Walmar...


Learn how to optimize cash flow through effective use of purchase orders, invoicing information, and accounting procedures.

Replenishment & Supply Chain

Your success with Walmart depends on having the right product in the right place at the right time. These intermediate-level class...


Get more out of your data! Become a better analyst while you learn how to use data to tell a story.

Merchandise Operations

Take control of your merchandise operations. These intensive classes will deep dive on topics like item setup, Direct Imports, pri...


Learn how to set up your items online, optimize your listing for Walmart's search engine, and track your sales results.

Sam's Club

These in-depth classes lay out everything you need to know to succeed with Sam's Club. Whether your product is sold in-store or on...

Canadian Classes

Taught by Canadian experts, these classes help suppliers manage and grow their Walmart Canada business. Learn to use Retail Link®...