Product Description

Corporate Education offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to learning for Walmart suppliers. It combines public curriculum-based classes and private customized advisory sessions. This training gives suppliers the knowledge they need to thrive in Walmart.

Through 8th & Walton’s curriculum-based classes, your team will engage in structured learning sessions focused on Walmart’s systems and procedures. These classes are scheduled monthly.

Through advisory sessions, your team will get assistance on specific challenges and needs, these sessions are customized, and private and can be scheduled whenever the needs arise.

Corporate Education serves as a reliable knowledge live hub where suppliers can find proper training, quick and accurate answers to their questions, overcome challenges, navigate special requests from Walmart buyers, and more. Our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness ensures that suppliers can access the right information promptly, enabling them to make informed decisions and excel in their partnership with Walmart.


  • Curriculum-based Classes
  • Customized Advisory Sessions
  • Dedicated Concierge
  • Monthly Class Schedule
  • Walmart Notifications and Updates
  • Quarterly Workshops
    How does Corporate Education work?

    To get access to the Corporate Education service, the supplier should purchase a block of credits (Corporate Education Credits called CECs).
    The credits are used to attend curriculum-based classes and/or advisory sessions.

    Classes are logged at 2 to 2.6 CECs per attendee, depending on the price of the class.
    Advisory sessions are logged based on time, typically per hour or fractions of an hour.

    The supplier will be provided with a dedicated concierge who will expertly assist in class selection, team registration, and the seamless booking of advisory sessions, saving you time.

    Which team member can use the service?

    – A new team member who needs Walmart onboarding.
    – Experienced team member who needs training on new Walmart initiatives.
    – A team member who has an assignment from the buyer.
    – Seasoned team member that has a specific challenge.
    – Team member that has an urgent question.

    Pricing Overview
    – Bronze $9,000
    – Silver $13,200
    – Gold $19,125

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