If you are a new Walmart supplier or new to your job, start strong! Don’t spend months learning what you need to know. Start on the right foot with up-to-the-minute information, a grasp of Walmart’s expectations, and the skills required for success.

In six days, our expert instructors will teach you how to navigate Retail Link®, how to create and analyze valuable reports, and the practices and requirements of Walmart’s supply chain.

Save $468 when you purchase the suite instead of individual classes.


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New to your job? You can become productive immediately.

  • Don’t wait for a busy colleague to find time to teach you.
  • Don’t learn your job piecemeal with no sense of the big picture.
  • Don’t learn Walmart’s procedures blindly, not knowing the reasons behind them.
  • Don’t learn outdated procedures that invite errors and lead to penalties.
  • Instead, learn what you need immediately in 8th & Walton’s START STRONG TRAINING SUITE and start strong!

    During six separate lessons, experts who themselves were Walmart suppliers and have decades of experience both doing and teaching will teach you Retail Link® and Walmart’s supply chain procedures.

    In three Retail Link® classes, you’ll learn how to navigate Retail Link® and use its functions, how to create and analyze a query, the most important scorecards and reports you must understand, and how to organize your time for maximum productivity and efficiency. We’ll teach you how to customize your dashboard so you save time and avoid frustration. Over the course of three days, you will build over two dozen key reports using your own data — with an experienced teacher guiding you every step of the way and answering your questions as they come up.

    In three supply chain classes, you’ll learn how to get the right amount of inventory in the right place at the right time. You’ll start with an overview of Walmart’s supply chain, giving you the big picture and a true sense of the entire process. Then we’ll focus on SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program) and the strategy behind it. This supply chain education doesn’t miss a thing. Packaging, labels, the importance of freight factors, how to determine root cause, ladder plans — you’ll learn it all. One full day is spent on forecasting and replenishment. Another day is dedicated to OTIF (On TIme In Full). Time for questions is built in, so you will walk away with a sense of mastery and confidence.

    Who should take this training:
    Those new to Walmart or new to a position in which they manage product sales or inventory; one-man bands who are the sole person on the Walmart account; those new to any aspect of supply chain: forecasting, replenishment, fulfillment, OTIF; new Walmart suppliers who already have some sales data; managers and executives in small or mid-size supplier businesses.

    NOTE: All reports in Retail Link® 2 and 3 are for brick-and-mortar not dotcom. Dotcom reporting is taught in the Reports class.

    Retail Link® and supply chain courses are currently available only as webinars. 8th & Walton webinars are live, Zoom meetings with a maximum of 10 participants per instructor.

    You Will Learn

    Day One:
    Retail Link® Basics

      How to make your way around Retail Link®
    • Retail Link® basic navigation
    • How the homepage is set up
    • The most valuable functions, apps and docs
    • How to maximize the Walmart homepage
      • How to use its most important scorecards and reports
      • The Supplier Performance Scorecard
      • The Quick Item Information Report
      • The Company Summary Report
      • The Store Detail Report
      • How to share reports
      • Where dotcom reports are located
        • How to get more out of Retail Link® immediately
        • How to customize your dashboard
        • How to best use its important apps and docs
        • How to save time and reduce frustration
        • Where to find definitions quickly
          • How to create and successfully retrieve a query
          • The basics of Retail Link® Decision Support – New
          • The elements of building and retrieving a query
          • The difference between AND and OR when building a query

    Day Two:
    Retail Link® Decision Support (DSS)

      How to use Retail Link® Decision Support – New
    • Homepage review
    • When to use Store Detail
    • How to select the data that will be shown in a report
    • Why the order of column selection is important
    • DSS shortcut to math calculations
    • How to make a report specific to your needs
    • How to develop a report specific to a store, warehouse or trait
    • How to work with time frames on queries
      • How to create and retrieve 12 valuable reports:
      • Sales by Item
      • PO Tracking
      • Current Instock and Pipeline
      • Stores Out and Nothing in Pipeline
      • Returns to Sales Comparison
      • Item 52 Week Forecast
      • Supply Plan by Order Date
      • Supply Plan by Receive Date
      • Markdown Event
      • 13 Week Sales
      • Sales Year Over Year
      • What Sells With My Item

    Day Three:
    Retail Link® Advanced Decision Support (DSS)

      How to create and analyze 18 reports
    • Sales (POS Quantity) and Inventory by Day
    • Sales (POS Quantity) and Inventory by Day by Store
    • Inventory by Warehouse
    • PO Tracking
    • Supply Plan by Order Date
    • Supply Plan by Receive Date
    • Forecast to Sales
    • Future Valid Item/Store
    • What Sells With My Item
    • Store of the Community
    • Stores on a Trait
    • Sales by Store
    • Sales by Item
    • Returns to Sales Comparison
    • Markdown Event
    • DC Inventory
    • Current Instock & pipeline
    • Stores Out and Nothing in Pipeline
      • The Life of an Analyst
      • The 13 habits of the best analysts
      • How to develop your plan
      • What to do each week, month, year
      • The most important reports to maintain
      • Best apps and docs for your needs
        • Communicating With Walmart
        • What not to ask Walmart
        • Best practices for communicating with a buyer
        • How to write a better email to your buyer
        • The importance of analytics-based stories

    Day Four:
    How to Navigate Walmart’s Supply Chain

      SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program)
    • Its impact and its timeline
    • PO defects and how to avoid them
    • Invoice example
    • How ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) works
      • What you must know about packaging, labeling, shipping
      • Proper markings and labels
      • Pallet requirements
      • Bills of Lading
      • Distinctions between what is shipped and what is received
      • Clarification of various types of cases
      • Hazmat label requirements
      • How to reduce consolidation challenges
        • Lead Time Audit: When/when not to do one
            Finer points of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Ti/H
              Freight Factor: How to influence it; why it’s important to your buyer
            • Ship in full
            • Overstating cube
            • Carrier costs are not in your control (cost of freight)
              • How to get more from your efforts
              • Ladder Plan
              • Corporate POS Forecast Report
              • Demand Forecast Report
              • Supply Plan Report
                • How to find the root cause of out of stocks
                    TSCP (Transportation Supply Chain Portal)
                  • Its key points
                  • How to confirm shipment for a single PO or several
                  • How to determine routing status
                  • How to reconfirm (rekey) POs
                  • How to complete various notifications
                  • Options for allowing a 3PL to confirm a PO
                  • How to work through the Transportation Ticketing Portal
                    • How best to communicate with Walmart
                        Discussion of advantages/disadvantages of collect and pre-paid

    Day Five:
    Forecasting & Replenishment With Retail Link® Data

      Introduction to replenishment
    • The Basic/Walmart Information Report
    • Reasons for being out of stock
    • What influences product demand
    • Challenges of demand forecasting
      • Replenishment overview
      • The replenishment pyramid
      • When to create a Consumer ID (CID)
      • Components of demand forecasting: mean, trend, seasonality
      • Introducing a new item
        • Demand forecast
        • The forecasting process
        • When to cleanse your history
        • Best practices for history start dates
        • Best practices for new item location
        • Best practices for promotions
        • How to create and use the Item 52 Week Forecast Report
        • How to create and use the Last 13 Week Sales Next 13 Week Forecast Report
        • How to use the Supplier View Instock Tool (SVIT)
        • How to create and use the Future Valid Item Store Query
          • Introduction to NOVA
            • Plan analysis
            • Safety stock
            • Allocation calendar
            • Lead time
            • Best practices for a Lead Time Audit
            • Best practices for New Items/New Mods
            • Best practices for End of Life (EOL)
            • Supplier closings
              • Understanding the significance of:
              • Optimization and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
              • Truck load optimization (TLO)
                • How to create and use these reports:
                • Supply Plan Item
                • Supply Plan Item/DC
                • Out of Stock Root Cause Dashboard
                  • Working well with Walmart’s replenishment team

    Day Six:

      NEW: Revised OTIF Requirements
        NEW: SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program)
            OTIF Overview
          • Walmart’s goals and expectations
          • Details of Arrival Compliance
          • Differences between system-generated and manual orders
          • Penalties and timing of charges
          • Roles and responsibilities for Walmart and for its suppliers
          • Why teamwork is important
            • OTIF Scorecard
            • How to navigate the Performance page
            • How to view POs by line
            • How to navigate the Charges page
              • How to schedule a delivery
                  E-commerce and OTIF
                • Causes for charges on FedEx Small Parcels
                • How to report a late or missed pick-up
                  • Transportation Portal (TSCP)
                  • Gaining access
                  • Best practices for entering POs
                  • How to confirm a PO
                  • How to mass confirm a group of POs
                    • How and when to do a Lead Time Audit
                        Analyzing your business
                      • Item 52 Week Forecast Report
                      • Supply Plan by Order Date Report
                      • Supply Plan by Receive Report
                        • Practical help
                        • OTIF Checklist
                        • Flowchart to fix MABD Issues
                        • Flowchart to fix Fill Rate Issues
                        • How to develop an OTIF Action Plan
                        • How to use the DC Appointment Scheduler
                          • Introduction to SQEP
                          • What it is
                          • Timeline of its four phases
                          • List of possible defects
                          • SQEP Performance Summary

    9:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.

    PRICE: $3,432


    Custom training and Walmart consulting services are also available for you or your team.
    Custom training: We will develop a customized curriculum specifically for your needs and train your group privately, using your own data.
    Walmart consulting: We will provide one-on-one time with an expert as well as full-service assistance from our team of consultants.
    Click HERE to speak with a Retail Link® advisor to find out if this is a good option for you.



    • Register using your supplier email address
    • Have authorized access to Retail Link®
    • Have your Retail Link® ID and password
    • Have Excel ready to use


    • Access to and use of a web camera in computer



    • In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports.


    • Dual monitors (one for the webinar, one for reports)
    • Log in 15 minutes prior to class starting time to assure both audio and video are functioning.

    Meet Your Teachers




    Lori Carter has had a remarkable breadth of experience in her 24 year retail career. It began at Walmart and Sam’s Club where she became a Retail Link® analyst and replenishment specialist. As a supplier and working on behalf of suppliers, Lori has managed e-commerce accounts, analyzed data, improved OTIF scores and resolved transportation issues. Lori also serves as an administrator of the Walmart Supplier Support Group on FaceBook. Here she answers suppliers’ questions, an experience that has given her a deep understanding of the current needs of the Walmart supplier.

    Heather Reid worked for Walmart Canada for 22 years prior to joining Canada’s 8th & Walton in 2016. While at Walmart, she organized and facilitated its Retail Link® and various system-training programs for both internal and external Walmart customers. She also facilitated a four-day supplier training session on a bi-weekly basis, teaching over 2,000 suppliers. She has a vast knowledge of Replenishment (GRS) and is an expert in Retail Link® and in Accounting for both Walmart Canada and Walmart US. In addition to her deep knowledge of retail systems, Heather is an extraordinary teacher. She holds a diploma in Human Resources, Marketing, and Accounting and has held the Canadian Human Resource Leader (CHRL) designation.

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