Immerse yourself in Walmart’s supply chain in this 3-day training course so you hit the ground running. The content is up-to-the-minute, and the teachers are experts in Walmart’s latest methods.

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After these three days of training, you’ll have the knowledge you need to achieve supply chain success. You’ll know how to use Retail Link® and all the steps in the Walmart supply chain process. Then you’ll learn OTIF, forecasting, purchase orders and replenishment from experts in Walmart’s supply chain.

All 8th & Walton classes for Walmart suppliers selling in Canada are taught by Heather Reid of Mississauga, Ontario. For 22 years, Reid worked at Walmart Canada, organizing and facilitating its Retail Link® courses of study and other training programs. She has taught over 2,000 suppliers.

Who should take this Retail Link® training:
Those new to Walmart who are working in forecasting, replenishment, fulfillment; those wanting to be up-to-the-minute with Walmart’s supply chain requirements and procedures; those wanting to remove supply chain errors and reduce penalties.
NOTE: 8th & Walton classes are exclusively for Walmart suppliers; only a supplier who works directly with Walmart may register.

You Will Learn

Day 1: Retail Link® 1: Basics

    How to make your way around Retail Link®
  • Retail Link® basic navigation
  • How the homepage is set up
  • How to save time and reduce frustration
  • The most valuable functions, apps and docs
      How to use Retail Link’s® most important scorecards and reports
    • Supplier Performance Scorecard
    • Quick Item Information Report
    • Company Summary Report
    • Store Detail Report
    • How to share reports
    • The benefits of scheduling your reports

    How to get more out of Retail Link immediately

  • How to customize your dashboard
  • How to best use its important apps and docs
  • How to save time and reduce frustration
  • Where to find definitions quickly
    • How to create and successfully retrieve a query

    • The basics of Retail Link® Decision Support — New
    • The elements of building and retrieving a query
    • The difference between AND and OR when building a query

      Day 2: Forecasting and Replenishment 2: With Retail Link® Data

        Introduction to replenishment
      • Basic item information
      • Why you are out of stock
      • What influences product demand
      • Challenges of demand forecasting
      • Replenishment Pyramid
        • Focus on GRS Forecast
        • Overview
        • The process in detail
        • When to cleanse history
        • How to establish an initial mean
          • Best practices for —
          • GRS forecasting
          • New item locations
          • Promotions
          • Collaborating with replenishment managers
            • How to create and analyze these reports:
            • Item 104 Week Sales Report
            • Corporate Item Demand Forecast
            • Demand Forecast by Store
            • Corporate POS Report Query
            • Last 13Wk POS Next 13Wk Forecast
              • How demand, calendar allocation, and forecast work together
                  How plan analysis works
                    Safety stock
                  • How it works at store level and DC level
                  • How to provide recommendations
                    • Lead Time
                    • What comprises it
                    • How it determines dates on POs
                      • Best practices for new items and new mods
                          Best practices for EOL (end of life)
                            How to complete Supplier Closing template
                              How to optimize orders
                            • The significance of TiHi
                            • Components and goal of EOQ
                              • Truckload optimization
                              • How it all fits together
                              • What constitutes a full truckload
                              • Benefits of vendor pooling
                              • What  3PL (3rd Party Consolidation) entails
                                • PO types and procedures
                                    Best practices for meetings and communication
                                      How to create and retrieve these valuable reports:
                                    • Lead Time by Warehouse by PO
                                    • Purchase Order
                                    • Fill Rate & MABD Compliance %
                                    • Supply Plan

        Day 3: OTIF Basics® & Reports

            Why OTIF is important to your business
              Key elements for OTIF success
            • Where to focus to meet your OTIF goals
            • What to avoid if you are not meeting your OTIF goals
            • Why reviewing Must Arrive by Dates is important
            • How to read the OTIF Scorecard
            • How to use the OTIF Scorecard to identify a recurring exception
            • What Walmart is responsible for/what the supplier is responsible for
              • Reason Codes
              • Who is accountable
              • What each early or late error means
              • Common issues for prepaid and collect
                • How to create and analyze 4 key reports
                • Lead Time by Warehouse by PO
                • Order Forecast by DC
                • Supply Plan pivot table
                • OTIF
                  • Best practices and plan of action

        DAY THREE RUNS 9:00 A.M. TO 12:30 EASTERN TIME.

        PRICE: $1,440 USD


        Registration closes at 3 P.M. Eastern Time on the last business day prior to the first class in the suite.


      • Each student must register; one participant per registration.
      • Each student must use his/her camera throughout class.
      • Register using your supplier email address.
      • Have authorized access to Retail Link®.
      • Have your Retail Link® ID and password.
      • Have Excel ready to use.

      • NOTE FOR NEW WALMART SUPPLIERS: In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports.

          Meet Your Teacher

          Heather Reid worked for Walmart Canada for 22 years prior to joining Canada’s 8th & Walton in 2016. While at Walmart, she organized and facilitated its Retail Link® and various system-training programs for both internal and external Walmart customers. She also facilitated a four-day supplier training session on a bi-weekly basis, teaching over 2,000 suppliers. She has a vast knowledge of Replenishment (GRS) and is an expert in Retail Link® and in Accounting for both Walmart Canada and Walmart US. In addition to her deep knowledge of retail systems, Heather is an extraordinary teacher. She holds a diploma in Human Resources, Marketing, and Accounting and has held the Canadian Human Resource Leader (CHRL) designation.</style=”font-weight: 400;”></span style=”font-weight: 400;”>

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