Zero Sales: From Phantom Inventory to Out-Day Cycles

One of the biggest questions Walmart and Sam’s Club suppliers face is “why are reporting zero sales?” Finding the root cause of zero sales is a task the 8th & Walton team of experts takes on each week for suppliers across the country. We recently published the article 5 Reasons You’re Seeing Zero Sales in Stores detailing common causes and solutions.

To dig deeper on the causes of zero sales, we caught up with Mark Stallcup, VP of Supply Chain Replenishment for 8th & Walton. Mark explained why suppliers are seeing zero sales when everything appears to be right and how to get your supply chain back on track.

In our conversation with Mark, we ask:

  • How do zero sales relate to our “perpetual inventory (PI)?”
  • What makes PI result in “phantom inventory?”
  • What are “out days” and how do you calculate them?
  • Looking at these factors in zero sales, what are next steps suppliers should take to remedy the issue?

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