Ask the Expert: When Do I Need a New Vendor Number?

Vendor Number for Walmart.comQ: Do I need a different vendor number for than what we use for Walmart stores?

Walmart assigns a 6-digit vendor number to each CPG supplier. This number will be customized by department and sequence, which allows for multiple and varying terms of agreement. This is your 9-digit vendor number.

How to read a 9-digit vendor number:

###### — ## — #
Company — Department — Sequence

For Walmart suppliers, the 2-digit “Department” number is referring to your Merchandising Department.
For Sam’s Club suppliers, this is your Accounting Department.

The “Sequence” number is a random number from 0-9.

Why does this apply to Dotcom?

  1. Your shipping terms could be different from in-store.
  2. Payment terms could be different from in-store.

What if my shipping and payment terms are the same?

Even if there are currently no changes to your shipping or payment terms, any addendum to your original vendor agreement is considered a separate legal document. This requires a new vendor number, since the addendum can be changed without affecting the original agreement (and vice-versa).

Because errors can lead to deductions, it’s important to remember that any time you move into a different business channel with Walmart, you will need a new 9-digit vendor number.

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Expert Advice:

Joel GrahamJoel Graham says, “An account manager sets up the vendor agreement with Walmart and agrees to those terms. For best profitability, it is essential that anyone dealing with deductions and claims understands exactly what those terms are. Be sure to ask your account manager: Are there any new store allowances? If so, what are they? Are there any cash discounts offered?”



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