Health and Beauty Care (HBC) / Health and Beauty Aids (HBA)

Health and Beauty Care (HBC) or Health and Beauty Aids (HBA) products are non-food CPGs associated with looking and feeling good.

They include items like these:

  • OTC (Over the Counter) medicines
  • toothpaste, toothbrushes
  • skincare products like moisturizer or face wash
  • hair care products like shampoo or hair color
  • cosmetics such as makeup or perfume
  • shaving gear and after-shave lotions
  • body lotions, deodorants, and other body products

HBC/HBA products are shelved in different areas from food products and may be presented either as fun, luxurious treats, or as serious solutions to problems.

Dedication to grooming varies from country to country; in a Nielsen survey, 87% of Brazilians reported that they try to look good all the time, making Brazil the most appearance-conscious country of all.

The same study found that most of the people surveyed believe that mass brands in the HBC/HBA space are just as good as premium brands, and that price is the top driver for decision-making, ahead of brand loyalty, perceived performance, and even recommendations from friends.