Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL)

Since 1952, a family-owned company called Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL) has provided testing of all kinds of consumer products. Is the umbrella you make truly waterproof? CTL can tell you. Does your product contain phthalates? CTL will find out.

CTL is incorporated in Massachusetts, where it was founded, but there are offices from Bentonville to Hong Kong, and CTL does product testing for Walmart.

CTL is an independent lab. Nonetheless, CTL is an important strategic partner for Walmart and Walmart suppliers.  “Ability to submit products to Consumer Testing Lab (CTL)” is listed by Walmart as a requirement for becoming a supplier. At one time it was reported that 85% of CTL’s business was Walmart-related, and both companies have used phrases like “in-house” and “joint venture” in the past.

Walmart has recently announced intentions to be stricter on chemical safety in household and beauty products than federal regulations require, and to ask growers to optimize fertilizer use beyond federal requirements. A close relationship with an independent lab may make it easier for Walmart to enforce these stricter sustainability requirements.