Improving Your Item Page Content

Are you ready to optimize your item pages? Need your items to appear higher in the search rankings? Or are you new to Walmart Marketplace and want a free consultation? The omni-channel team at 8th & Walton helps suppliers like you improve online content, rankings, and sales!

Steven Bertram, Vice President of Supplier Solutions at 8th & Walton, joins us on the podcast this week. His team works with Walmart suppliers to not only grow online performance, but also introduce new and potential suppliers to the Walmart Marketplace online selling tools.

If you’d like Steven and his team to have a look at your pages, or if you’re new to selling on Walmart Marketplace, click here for a free 15-minute consultation or to just ask a question.

In our discussion with Steven, we ask:

  • Why do some small and medium-size suppliers put less focus on their business?
  • What was Walmart’s recent message to select suppliers regarding Walmart Marketplace? (Click here to view Marketplace Seller Fees)
  • For suppliers who were in stores, DSV suppliers, or just supplying to, what is the difference in now being asked to be a Walmart Marketplace supplier?
  • How does the team at 8th & Walton set suppliers up for success when selling on
  • What are a couple of those “above and beyond” efforts suppliers need to consider to improve their online presence?

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