Retail Link Users Group (RLUG)

A Retail Link Users Group (RLUG) is a group of people who use Retail Link and support one another in using the program.

In online RLUGs, like the one at LinkedIn, members ask and answer questions and share resources.

There are also RLUG chapters in many states. Check the Northwest Arkansas RLUG website for a map. These groups meet in person, and meetings typically include speakers as well as networking opportunities.

There’s so much to know about Retail Link, and so many great people using it, that RLUGs can be an important part of your work experience – and fun, too.

Don’t forget, though, that you can always get a course from an expert through 8th & Walton’s Supplier Training – Retail Link is unquestionably essential. It’s a much faster way to learn all you need to know than picking up a few tips at a time in the RLUG.