Walmart Foot Traffic: How Many People Go to Walmart a Day?

Walmart daily foot traffic

Suppliers sometimes ask “how many customers does Walmart have per day?”

Walmart tracks the total number of visitors to its stores, but the information is not available in Retail Link. The Institute of Transportation Engineers estimates that one Walmart supercenter receives 10,000 car visits per day. Walmart estimates that each week nearly 265 million customers and members visit its stores, clubs, and smaller markets world-wide and online.

Walmart daily foot traffic has changed significantly with new shopping habits and programs like Pick Up Today. However, tracking Walmart customers per day in a store or region is still imperative to forecasting your business.

Part of Walmart’s stronghold on United States foot traffic is its convenience. In the US, over 90 percent of the population lives within 10 miles of a Walmart store.

For more specific information on the number of customers as it relates to your specific items, Retail Link provides data on your Market Basket.

You can check Market Basket and see the total number of “basket occurrences” (i.e. shoppers buying your items). You can see the number of each item in each basket and the total sales of those baskets. Retail Link will not allow you to view baskets that don’t contain your items.

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