The Global Replenishment System

We’ve been getting calls for months asking for more information on one of the most exciting new things to hit the supplier community, the Global Replenishment System, or GRS.

GRS, a new Walmart replenishment system, has staged roll-outs beginning with some of the consumable and food suppliers this year. It’s been in the works for a long time, though, beginning in 2008 with the Global Data Synchronization network and continuing through 2010’s strict data accuracy initiatives.

GRS will be replacing Inforem (Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment Module).

One of the biggest differences for you as a supplier, compared to the existing system, will be that GRS uses item-specific historical cleansed sales data to build forecasts and has a big emphasis on promotional/event planning.  This means that forecasts should be more accurate and event impact more measurable.

So this is a good thing. But it’s also a change — and change is stressful. New technology always means additional training and perhaps some loss of efficiency during the transition. Some people don’t like to learn new tools, and others worry that they just won’t like it as well. Some people are excited about it and anxious to get their hands on it, too, and the suspense mounts as roll-outs get closer.

The GRS Facebook page already has 3 Likes.

Naturally, GRS is on everyone’s mind. In order to help smooth the transition, 8th and Walton has added a GRS component to our Replenishment and Inventory Management course.  It’s not a training in the new system, of course, but the essential information you need to be prepared for the conversion.

Just one more reason to sign up now!