Walmart’s Global Replenishment System (GRS)

Walmart Global Replenishment System (GRS)

If you’re a new Walmart supplier, you’ve already heard the term GRS. This stands for Walmart’s Global Replenishment System.

Unlike previous replenishment tools, GRS is a “top-down” system with better capabilities for separating baseline data from seasonal and promotional sales. It works with cleaned data — data that has had the irregularities resulting from special events removed.

GRS uses item-specific historical cleansed sales data to build forecasts and has a big emphasis on promotional/event planning. It provides more accurate forecasts and makes event impact more measurable.

To learn GRS and how to interpret the data correctly, check out our Walmart supply chain classes. We’ve been teaching them since the GRS rollout in 2008 and keep the content updated as GRS evolves.