Global Location Number (GLN)

GLN stands for Global Location Number. Walmart’s US is 0078742000008 and Walmart Canada is 0681131000000. It’s a number that identifies the physical location of a company, and thus identifies the company itself.

Part of the GS1 standards system, the GLN is the numeric equivalent of a physical address, but it can also refer to a legal entity or function (such as carrier) that doesn’t have a physical address per se. It’s assigned by the GS1, so you can be sure that the number will be unique on a global level. GLNs can be used in RFID as well as being physically marked on goods or written on paper.

Michael Jones of Google once said that physical location is the most basic level of information organization, but 123 Main Street is not likely to be a unique address, and “On that shelf where people used to put their purses, back in Thelma’s office” definitely won’t work. The GLN is a highly accurate, consistent, unique location ID that works worldwide.

Your company will have a GLN. GLN extensions can include lots more data, including specific storage bins or scan and read points. This functionality is central to your ability to track your goods all the way through your supply chain.

Walmart suppliers are required to use EDI, and your GLN will be sent in the N1 ST segment, element 04, on all invoices.

Are you ready to meet this and other requirements to become a Walmart supplier?