Retail Link Monday Morning Report

Good Morning Monday

It’s Monday morning — so how is your Walmart business doing? A Monday Morning Report lets you answer that question with confidence.

But if your Monday morning report is an Excel file with hundreds of lines, you won’t be able to formulate that answer quickly and confidently and head into your week with confidence. You need a dashboard showing the most important metrics for your particular business, so that you can dig in and find the essentials — and prepare an actionable report.

Just what’s in a useful Monday Morning Report?

Your top performance indicators, including sales and inventory, financials, and replenishment data. Precisely which information you need to include will depend on your products and your business with Walmart, but you probably want to see more than one time period. You probably want to see 52 weeks of data, the past week, and a year over year comparison of at least one time period — perhaps the past 30 days and the previous 30 days before that.

When you have these data points available, you can quickly see issues as they arise. Then it makes sense to dig into further data. Randomly perusing data till you see something that might be interesting is inefficient, and smaller suppliers will rarely have the time to make it worthwhile.

With a custom dashboard, you’ll find it much easier to prepare the reports you need to send on to various team members.

As you can see, the way you set up your Monday Morning Report dashboard makes a difference not only to your reporting, but also to the actionable insights you can glean, to keep your business heading in the direction you want.

If you read through this post and ended up energized and ready to get your dashboard set up, that’s great! If you can tell this would make a big difference but you’re not sure how to go about it — or you can tell that figuring it out for yourself would not be the best use of your time — contact 8th & Walton today. One of our experts will meet with you and help you customize your dashboard and then determine the best way to work from what you see to the changes you can make to turbocharge your business with Walmart.