What Really Is the Best Time to Reach Customers?

wpi1You may not be familiar with WorkPlace Impact, but they know you! In fact, Tim F. McCarthy founded the company on knowing exactly what’s on your mind as the work morning turns to mid-day:

“Where should I eat lunch today?”

“I wonder if any place close has a new lunch special.”

“Are there any new places I can get a bite fast?”

McCarthy has a background in marketing for restaurants, and being in tune with his customer base inspired the concept for WorkPlace Impact. His vision was to market local restaurants to customers at their workplace.

The success of this original business model has created a new opportunity: expanding the marketing to help CPG companies and retailers.

Understand Your Target Audience

wpi2The first step in the path to success is to know and understand your audience. A survey conducted by WorkPlace Impact in 2015 confirmed what he had seen in his days of marketing for restaurants. According to the survey:

  • Over half (51%) of working women go out for lunch at least three times during the workweek.
  • Nine out of 10 working women select where they will eat lunch the morning of the same day.
  • The top factors that influenced their choices were:
    • Coupons (88%)
    • Word-of-mouth recommendations (78%)
    • Restaurant loyalty (55%)
  • What the respondents looked for in their restaurant choice came down to:
    • Quick service (79%)
    • Affordable meals (68%)
    • Healthy choices (57%)

Armed with this data, WorkPlace Impact targets the audience at the same time they are making their decision.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

McCarthy took the challenge of targeting consumers at their place of work. By building relationships with a business and then contracting with the local restaurants, employees can receive messaging about local lunch specials each morning. Daily offers and coupons are in front of the consumer even before the first stomach rumblings begin!

Growing Beyond Food

As the consumer-at-work audience concept began to grow, the opportunity expanded beyond the lunchtime audience. McCarthy quickly realized the lunchtime hours were used for more than eating. Consumers are taking advantage of their midday break to run errands, shop for household goods, and stock up on necessities before ending the workday. Targeting these consumers while in the office was also a natural solution to promote retail suppliers and CPG.

WorkPlace Impact is now forging relationships with CPG companies to bring samples into places of business. The company is creating fun and unique opportunities for both consumer and vendor that hits a captive audience.

Marketing Your Product With Impact

WorkPlace Impact has done more than pinpoint a target consumer. They have created a direct path to that consumer for your goods or service. This unique approach to direct marketing gets your message to the individual at a time when he or she is most captive and away from much other advertising. Taking your message or product to each person’s work space is an innovative way to fine tune your marketing approach.

To find out how WorkPlace Impact can get your message in the hands of consumers at their place of business, visit www.workplaceimpact.com