Plug and Play Connects Innovators to Today’s Industry Leaders

Large companies like Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt are looking for innovation to stay relevant for tomorrow’s customers. As a young startup or small company developing new solutions, how do you prepare to get in front of the big players? Today’s innovators are getting connected to solution seekers through Plug and Play.

Josh Saffran, Director at Plug and Play, joins us on this week’s podcast (click the “play” button above to listen). In our discussion, Josh covers:

  • how Plug and Play supports startups and innovators
  • true innovation solutions and success stories
  • why Plug and Play chose a hub Northwest Arkansas
  • what the Walmart supplier community should know about Plug and Play
  • how Plug and Play supports suppliers in the supply chain space
  •  the up-coming summit he’s hosting in Silicon Valley

Want to know more about Plug and Play, or have a question for Josh? Visit them online to get started!