Walmart Packaging Terms: Each, Pack, Case, & Pallet

New suppliers to Walmart are sometimes confused about the different terms used for Walmart packaging.

Walmart’s hierarchy of packaging has four straight-forward levels:

Walmart packaging each pack case pallet

  • EACH – A unit intended for individual sale.
  • PACK – A group of individual units, together in one package. Several PACKS may go into a CASE.
  • CASE – A standard shipping unit.
  • PALLET – A load of several CASES.

The confusion happens because two of the terms (PACK and CASE) have many different names, and these terms are often used interchangeably — even by Walmart staff — and can have shades of subtle differences.

This free download will help sort this out the different names for PACK and CASE and the variations of each.

Walmart Each Pack Case Pallet