How Baby Category Is Impacted by these 3 Mega Trends


Walmart has made great strides in recent months to elevate the Baby category. We’ve seen changes such as increased signage, wooden floors, and special displays.

On this special episode of Focus on Suppliers, we have invited several suppliers in the Baby category to share their experience and advice regarding these changes.

Guest experts include:

Kimberly Clark Drew Phillips

Kimberly-Clark – Drew Phillips
“One of the biggest mega trends we’re seeing within the Baby category is ‘Family of Today.’ Households are becoming more demographically diverse, have multi-generational families — and dads are becoming a bigger player in  the category.”

GRACO – Bill NormanGraco Bill Norman
“When you’re in stores, you can call out as many product attributes as you want on the box. But when you’re online, you have to be really clean and share and get to the point as quickly as possible.”


InfantinoInfantino – Lee Clemons
“Walmart has a new carrier display in the infant category. This new display allows us to more clearly communicate to mom and dad how to wear product, care for product, the safety and feature benefits.”

NUK – Tina Winham
“You can achieve the same costing structure here in the U.S. that you can overseas. You just have to put in a little bit of time and be willing to work with the right partners to find those raw materials where you can achieve that cost.”

nwaMotherlode – Gwen Rockwood, Shannon Magsam
Excel Displays & Packaging – Brian Hutchinson
Saatchi & Saatchi X – Jessica Hendrix

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