3 Great Times for Store Specific Orders

sealed-4-card-board-box_254-2147486643Store Specific Orders are, in theory, an additional order for a specific store requested by the Buyer or Replenishment Manager. In reality, it often makes sense for the supplier to initiate SSOs with a recommendation.

When should you recommend that your Buyer or Replenishment Manager request that SSO? Here are three times when it really makes sense:

  • When you’ve identified out of stock stores or stores that think they have your product in stock but actually don’t. If it’s not on the shelf, it won’t sell. If the store thinks it’s on the shelf when it really isn’t, it won’t be reordered. Maybe it’s in the back and not making it to the shelf.
  • When damaged or otherwise unsellable merchandise is showing up as in-stock. This puts you in the same position as in-stock errors: the goods won’t be sold, and they also won’t be reordered.
  • When the DDs need adjustment. If the DDs are not accurate, they will not keep your goods in stock the way they should to help you avoid missing sales.

8th & Walton’s new class, Creating Store Specific Orders, includes insights on the best times to recommend SSOs, how to use Retail Link analytics to support your recommendations, and how to submit an SSO. SSOs are not a permanent solution to ongoing problems, though. If forecasting issues are keeping your product from reaching its potential, check out our Supply Chain training.