Multi-billion dollar, global CPG brands spend millions of dollars advertising on
Brands with annual ad budgets under $250K must play a very different game.

8th & Walton shows small and mid-sized brands how to play the ad game — and win.

1. ASSESS – What you can improve

Overview: In our audit of your products, 8th & Walton will look at the listings of your top 5 items to identify opportunities to substantially improve your rank and conversion. We will evaluate:

  • Your keyword selection and placement
  • Opportunities for rank improvement
  • The quality and impact of your images
  • Virtual-shelf presence
  • Effectiveness of reviews and ratings

Cost: $450 Free for the first 20 Expo attendees who register for WIN WALMART.COM

2. OPTIMIZE – How you can improve

Overview: We will identify specific opportunities and provide a comprehensive plan for improving your rank, conversion, and sales on Our experts will:

  • Review your content to ensure optimization of keywords / listing health
  • Evaluate your performance in key search phrases
  • Select media to maximize conversions
  • Ensure correct item categorization
  • Utilize item pages to promote your brand

Cost: $3,000 per optimization

3. DRIVE SALES – Advertise on using strategic insights

Overview: Agencies often use the exact same strategy for small brands and multi-billion dollar brands. In contrast, 8th & Walton will develop a customized advertising strategy for you — one that highlights your differentials, maximizes your opportunities, and addresses your specific goals. We will:

  • Utilize Walmart’s Self-Serve Advertising tools along with Analytics Software to push your optimized items to the top of search results
  • Create ad campaigns to improve sales on your key Items
  • Weekly report on the prior week’s performance

Cost: $2,850 or 15% of monthly ad spend (whichever is greater)

8th & Walton

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