Supplier Career Fundamentals

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Class Description

The Supplier Career Fundamentals program utilizes case studies and real world examples to help students hit the ground running with both suppliers and retailers. Students are engaged throughout the process with questions, quizzes, and working examples. The course covers Retail Link tools and skills, retail math, Microsoft Excel skills, and provides visibility into other roles that require strong analytical skills.

Trained and experienced instructors with over 100 years of combined experience with CPG’s and/or large retailers ensure that students complete the six week program with a deep working knowledge of the tools and systems necessary to succeed in the CPG/Retailer industry.

You Will Learn...

  • Walmart Fundamentals
  • Analytics Boot Camp
  • Advanced Retail Math
  • Advanced Excel
  • Advanced Retail Link
  • Power Reporting & Analytics
  • Accounting, Invoicing, and Deductions
  • Replenishment 101
  • E-Commerce
  • Interviewing, Company Research, Resume Building
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