The new Classes & Advisory Package helps your team will grow in two ways at once:

      1. In the 8th & Walton classes, they will learn Walmart’s procedures correctly, reduce fines, and complete work more efficiently.

      2. Through the 8th & Walton advisory services, they can tap into our pool of experts to resolve urgent or confounding Walmart issues whenever a need arises.

Our Classes & Advisory Package provides both standard training classes and customized assistance advisory services as you need them. This powerful combination makes a difference quickly — for one person or a whole team. Greater knowledge and successful solutions happen fast.

You and your team will enjoy these benefits immediately:

  • A concierge to help you choose the right classes and the right sequence of those classes
  • Insider information about new classes and class content revisions
  • Immediate notification of a Walmart change and clarification of its significance in plain English
  • Discount for classes
  • Discount for advisory services

This package is purchased in blocks of Classes & Advisory Package (CAP) credits.

CAP credits are used for both class attendance and customized assistance.
Classes require 1.1 to 2.5 CAPs per attendee, depending on the price of the class.
Advisory time with an expert is 1 CAP per hour for the first attendee and .25 CAP for each additional attendee.