Get it correct from the start! Whether you are moving from DSV supplier to Walmart Marketplace or launching your product on Marketplace US as an approved vendor, our experts will make the complex process easy for you. Learn how to do it accurately — from start to finish. Follow our guidelines and tried-and-true tips for managing your products in Marketplace.


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Learn how to setup and manage your Walmart Marketplace US business correctly so you can sell with confidence. We will teach you how to begin with success so you can maximize your sales results with the world’s largest retailer.

You will learn how to navigate the Seller Center portal so you can be in control of your own content, pricing, and inventory management for We will begin with properly applying and registering and end with launching your items correctly on

This class is for approved vendors only. It currently is available only as a webinar. 8th & Walton webinars are live, Zoom meetings with a maximum of 10 participants. 

Why take this class?

If you are a current drop ship vendor selling to and have been told you need to transition to Walmart Markteplace, we will teach you how to make this move correctly.

If you are new to the Marketplace for Walmart, we will walk you through the Walmart process to successfully launch your items on Walmart Marketplace US. (It’s not the Amazon process!)

If you are new to any marketplace, we will introduce you to the entire process so you have the confidence to jump into the Walmart Marketplace waters and do so successfully.

You Will Learn

How to set up items in Item 360

  • Overview of Item 360 and recent changes
  • Its dashboard and navigational page
  • Examples of error messages
  • How to complete spec forms properly
  • Requirements for both child and parent assortment items
  • Tips for uploading spreadsheets
  • Common problems and their solutions

How to set up —

  • A single item
  • A mass item
  • An shipper item
  • A DSV item
  • An assortment to synch with GDSN
  • An assortment not to be synched with GDSN
  • A variant group


9:00 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.

PRICE: $650

Custom Training on Retail Link® is also available for your team. 8th & Walton experts will develop a customized curriculum specifically for your needs and will teach your group privately, using your own data. Click HERE to speak with a Retail Link® expert to find out if this is a good option for you.



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The Marketplace class was very informative, and Tiffany, the instructor, was very helpful.

Sam – Project Coordinator – 11.13.20