Walmart vs Target


Walmart and rival Target are both important retailers. But which is more powerful?

There have been quite a few recent explorations in the media pitting the two against each other.

Business Insider compared the two on multiple metrics:

bi_graphics_walmart-vs-target (2)

Target came out ahead on several fronts, but Walmart was the clear winner.

Investopedia made a comparison on some other fronts recently and concluded that Walmart’s business practices are more efficient, but that Target is slightly more profitable. However, the sheer size of Walmart gave it the win for Investopedia.

A number of bloggers took price comparison shopping trips at Walmart and Target, and Walmart brought it home with better prices on more items. One blogger found price differences of as much as 50 cents on certain items.

InvestorPlace was a little more positive toward Target in a comparison of stocks, but most stock-focused comparisons are describing both Big Box stores as “in a turnaround” and expressing equally cautious optimism in both cases.

For suppliers, the takeaway is that this is a good time to work on growing business with Walmart.