Online Ratings and Reviews with Field Agent

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When working to improve your item pages at, it’s easy to focus on copy, images, and dynamic content. But how do you improve one of the biggest selling tools on your page: the ratings and reviews?

Rick West, CEO and Co-Founder of Field Agent, joins the podcast this week to discuss strategies for getting more (and more quality) ratings and reviews. (Click the “play button” above to hear the podcast.)

During our interview, Rick explains:

  • how Field Agent supports suppliers
  • why ratings and reviews are valuable to not only suppliers, but to customers
  • how ratings and reviews have changed over the years
  • why Walmart is prioritizing ratings and reviews for its suppliers
  • how suppliers can get more, and more quality, ratings and reviews
  • when suppliers should partner with a professional firm

Ready to improve your ratings and reviews? Check out the services Field Agent has to offer to help your online business!