Cybersecurity: 2022 Tips and Threats

With all the issues facing Walmart suppliers and other businesses, the threat of a cyber attack is one many do not consider until it happens.

But it happens more often that you think!

Our guest on the podcast this week (click the “play button” above to listen) is Eyal Gallico, founder of Apollo IT services. He and his team help small and mid-size businesses with IT solutions, cybersecurity, and best practices for preventing costly threats.

In our discussion, we talk about:

  • The state of cybersecurity today
  • Top questions small companies ask about IT and security, and what solutions are available
  •  How ransomware attacks work and how businesses can guard against them
  • The impact of employees working from home (or even in the local coffee shop) on cybersecurity threats

Questions for the Apollo IT Services team? Visit their website for free information and request a free consultation. Tell them you heard about their great services on the 8th & Walton Retail Supplier podcast!