Retail Link®

This online hub of data, documentation, and special applications holds the key to greater sales and a better relationship with Walmart.

Let our experts — with over 280 years of experience with Walmart and as Walmart suppliers — unlock this treasure for you and your team.

The more you master Retail Link® the better your results. Whatever your Retail Link® needs, we have experts who are ready to answer your questions, solve your problems, and give you exactly the guidance you need. Our advisors can help your whole team — the new Retail Link® user, the executive wanting a deeper understanding of this bountiful data, the analyst, and the accountant. Knowing how to leverage Retail LInk® to grow your business is critically important.

Here are just some of the ways we recently helped suppliers with Retail Link®:

     Generated key reports: Sales & Inventory, Forecast, POS, Supplier Scorecard

     Analyzed sales for seasonal trends; recommended store count changes

     Reviewed deductions with client’s accountant; completed reports for claims

     Prepared report of traited stores and compared to Store of the Community data

     Taught client’s new manager how to build a query in DDS

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