OT&IF Insights and Resolutions

Improving your OT&IF score can have a very big impact on your profitability. OTIF problems don’t correct themselves, and OTIF improvements will never be easier than they are today.

We can help, and we can start now.

Our tried-and-true team of experts will dig in, determine the root cause of problems, and offer you insights, resolution options, and practical solutions to your on-time-in-full issues. We will work with all your team — sales, replenishment, accounting, supply chain — to help you improve your score. Answers will come straight away because our OTIF advisors have extensive experience with Walmart’s supply chain and replenishment.

Here are some of the OTIF work we have done recently with suppliers:

     Visited mfr facility with owner; determined packaging design caused merchandise deliverability issues

    Taught client’s full team Walmart’s recent OT&IF changes/updates, including the Order Forecast piece of Supply Plan highlighted at Supplier Summit

     Evaluated with client the pros/cons of LTL and full truckload

     Helped replenishment manager craft email to buyer re: forecast issues

     Nailed cause of timing discrepancies; built new lead time schedule

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